14 July 2017

A WEEK WITH Amara Jarrett


IMG_2542 2 copyHi Scratch readers! My name is Amara Jarrett and I am 14 years old and I’ve been a beauty intern with Scratch for the last week.

I go to Darrick Wood School in Orpington and I am in year 10 at the moment, less than a year away from my GCSEs. My favourite subject at school is English but I also enjoy History, Drama and Business Studies; when I leave school I would like to pursue my English skills to become a journalist of some kind. My hobbies include reading books or health and beauty articles in magazines. I love writing and also love experimenting with makeup, on myself and sometimes on my friends as well.

As soon as I was old enough to use Instagram I fell in love with the different beauty pages I saw. I watched thousands of nail tutorials and was so inspired by the things I saw that I would paint my nails nearly twice a week, trying out different colours and designs. As I got older I discovered different makeup ‘gurus’ and became more and more interested in makeup and fascinated at the transformations a persons face can go through with the help of some makeup. So, I began to buy makeup and tried to copy all the looks I would see. Of course, my attempts didn’t look nearly as good as the tutorials but it was fun all the same. Today, even though my focus is mainly on makeup and trying to get perfect winged eyeliner, I still enjoy doing my friends’ nails and watching videos or reading about the latest nail trends.

Reading has always been my passion and I read whenever I can. From reading so much I became really interested in the English language. At secondary school I was asked to write in my school newspaper I realised that journalism was something I preferred. I prefer to write about real life situations and conduct research about particular topics.

My week of work experience here at Scratch magazine has been so much fun! I’ve had the opportunity to complete a wide variety of tasks, such as proof reading, taking photos of new products, putting together nail galleries, conducting an interview and contributing to one of the features in the magazine. Helena and Kat both taught me so much, not only about the nail industry but also about writing and journalism as a whole. I received lots of help and support from them both and I feel as though I have learnt many skills which I can use after I leave school.