28 July 2017

A WEEK WITH Meg Dobson


Meg DobsonHello Scratch readers! I’m now at my last day in the Scratch office and dreading not coming back next week as I now feel as if I’m part of the team!

Each task sent my way, from searching social media for nail shots to interviewing editor, Helena Biggs, has equipped me with knowledge and a greater understanding for the beauty industry and journalism. From my week here I have definitely gained confidence and skill in my writing. I  was privileged enough to have my work included in the website and magazine. I most enjoyed scanning Instagram’s #showscratch to see the incredible designs readers are sending in and selecting the snaps that caught my eye then writing about them, to be featured in the gallery.

I was in awe at the demand the job requires as call after call is answered and the sound of rapid typing became constant background noise. Yet the office is far from mundane and depressing, thanks to Helena and Kat who clearly love their jobs so much and gave me loads of support. Thanks to Scratch I am already looking into getting my nails professionally done soon!

Meg x