25 July 2017

A WEEK WITH Meg Dobson

Written by Meg Dobson | Blog

DSC_0296 copyHello Scratch readers! My name is Meg Dobson, I’m a 16 year old student helping out at the Scratch office as part of my work experience. I’ve just completed one year of sixth form, with my A-level subjects being History, English literature and Sociology. I’m hoping  to pursue Sociology at degree level in the near future.

Instead of watching T.V. or lying on the sofa all day, I decided to spend the first week of my summer holidays immersing myself in the office environment and getting a true taste of my passion – journalism. For me, Scratch is not only an opportunity to experience journalism first hand, but also write about and research exciting and fun topics revolving the nail industry. Much better than making teas and coffee for a newspaper! From day one, I’ve been browsing social media for the hottest nail trends and inspecting celebs nails for photos to be used in the upcoming issue.

Like most teenagers, I love make-up and spend hours in front of the mirror transforming my face and experimenting with new looks. Although I’m no professional, and my older sister makes me aware of this by frequently complaining that I apply my highlighter with the wrong brush, I like to go wild and believe that there are no rules or limits to beauty!

Before coming to the office I was fearful of one question – “What do you want to do in the future?” However, my time so far at Scratch has cemented a desire to pursue a path towards journalism. Although I now have high expectations on how an office should be; bright, cheerful and fit with a box of cookies!

Meg x