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30 July 2016

#NextSteps – Cleaning and tidying

Written by Jade Leech


We have created a new web series called #NextSteps, every fortnight we will ask industry experts their top tips on a topic, for this week we have caught up with Jade Angel salon owner, Jade Evangelou, we asked Jade:  What advice do you have for keeping your salon tidy and organised?

“It is essential that everyone understands the importance of a tidy and organised salon, after putting so much effort into providing great service,” reveals Jade Evangelou. “You don’t want to let yourself down by receiving negative feedback regarding salon organisation.”

Jade’s top tips include:

1. Everyone in the team must tidy and organise.

2. Keep old boxes and containers to organise items.

3. Use quiet times for cleaning.

4. Put things back where they belong.

5. Tidy as you go along and help each other.

6. Regularly clear out and reorganise; dispose of any unused equipment and old unused products.

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