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26 April 2016

#TRENDINGTUESDAY Genevieve Hickin, Beauty by Genevieve


Genevieve Harding We want to know what’s trending in your salon!

Genevieve Hickin of Beauty by Genevieve has found subtle shimmer has been popular. Combined with the sharp edges of metallic tape, we love the geometric neatness of this design.

“I used Izabelle Hammond Calgel Products,” Genevieve explains, “To achieve the look, I applied and cured the first and and second layer of Calgel. I then chose my desired tape, applying in a triangle shape and trimming excess tape with nail scissors.

“I mixed my glitter of choice with clear Calgel and applied it inside the taped triangle using a nail art brush. I cured and then covered whole of nail with clear Calgel and cured. I finished by wiping and applying a high gloss top coat.”

Thanks to their most subtle sparkle, Genevieve has found the design popular with a variety of people. “These designs are great for all seasons as you can vary the colour and glitter choices and also by which way you apply the triangle design.”

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Genevieve Harding Genevieve Harding