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5 ways to boost beauty salon staff morale

By Scratch Staff | 11 May 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

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In a slump? Try these top tips for boosting your own morale – and that of your team – to make the workplace environment a happier place…

1. Host regular meetings

Employees like to be communicated to and to know, generally, what’s going on, so holding regular team meetings can cater to that and promote a sense of inclusion. Encouraging staff members to share their successes or work highlights, as well as praising those for excellent performance, will also motivate fellow colleagues to do well.

“We believe that communication is key and hold regular appraisals, interim meetings and even mid-week meetings that help our stylists achieve their goals,” comment Jennifer Linton and Joanna Macdonald, co-directors of Linton & Mac. “We also hold a Team Buzz meeting every Friday morning before the salon opens. This is hosted as an extended family meeting on the first Friday of each month, where a different member of the team shares what they have learned at a training day or to pass on some knowledge or information.”

2. Celebrate the small things and recognise success

Most employees will experience many milestones throughout their time with a business and, by recognising that these things matter, staff will feel valued. Consider also celebrating personal milestones with your salon team, such as birthdays, engagements, pregnancies, and award wins and successes.

Recognition is an underlying theme when it comes to staff morale. Whether recognition comes in the form of words, in-salon awards, training, or team building events, give a little more to your team and they will give a lot more to the business in return.

3. Promote team building

Offer something extra to your employees by introducing team-building exercises – whether this is a fitness class, a workshop, or simply getting everyone together for a glass of wine at the end of the week. This will help employees associate the business with something fun and sociable, not just as their workplace.

“A regular team bonding event that is offered at Linton & Mac is complimentary yoga classes every Tuesday and Thursday,” reveal Jennifer and Joanna. “These were introduced to keep our staff motivated and relaxed.”

4. Prioritise training

Kirsty Bridgeman, head of beauty at Westrow Skipton, says: “One of the key focus areas of a successful salon is proactive training offerings. Invest in staff by sending them on training courses or advancing their treatment knowledge through attending trade shows.

“By devoting time to advancing your team and making sure they are up-to-date with the latest innovations, they will feel a valued part of the business and motivated to do the best job possible, as well as excited about any upcoming in-salon treatments or advances.”

5. Be considerate

“For the ultimate boost in staff morale, treat your team how you’d like to be treated,” comments Hannah Potter, founder of Clinic Creators. “It’s actually the most simple and effective way to attract success in life. If you wouldn’t like something, then the chances are that your team won’t either.

“Life is precious and considering people spend more time at work than they do with their family and friends, work life should feel positive, challenging, rewarding and balanced, otherwise staff will look for alternative work and environments. We are humans, not robots, after all!

“If you want maximum productivity you need happy staff, who feel motivated, challenged and have a clear direction so they know that what they are contributing is making a positive difference to the success of the company.”