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BBC Glow Up winner reveals top make-up application tips

By Emma Hobday | 25 January 2022 | Brands, Feature

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ellis atlantis bh+ q&aScratch chats to Ellis Atlantis, drag queen, make-up artist and the first winner of popular BBC programme Glow Up, about common make-up mistakes, his best beauty advice, and why Beauty Hygiene Plus is his go-to range for keeping his beauty tools in tip-top condition…

How do you ensure make-up tools are kept clean for hygienic use?

With the current situation we are in, hygiene is so important! It puts my clients and I at ease as we both know I’m taking the necessary steps to keep them and myself safe.

For anyone starting out, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to ensure you’re being hygienic. Even if you are just doing your friend’s make-up for a party, you cannot be too careful.

Beauty Hygiene Plus starts from £8, so it is really affordable, yet very effective. Having clean brushes and tools also supports the easy application of make-up, so there’s no muddy colours and much sharper lines.

What are your top three tips for make-up application?

Have clean skin, a clean work surface and clean brushes – that way everything is fresh and ready to go.

Clean brushes are a must have for application, I can’t bear applying make-up with brushes that aren’t sparkling clean, so I find that the Quick Dry Beauty Tools Sanitising Spray is perfect for when I’m working on clients.

The Beauty Hygiene Plus Quick Dry Makeup Sanitising Mist is also a product I recommend, as I haven’t seen this type of product before in the market. It sanitises your make-up without damaging the product, so you have the confidence that your make-up is as germ free as possible – which is great for peace of mind when you’ve been using the same highlighter for months on end!

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What beauty essentials are part of your everyday kit?

Skincare, as good make-up can’t happen without a good base. It’s really key to start with a clean, moisturised and hydrated face.

Secondly, my Beauty Hygiene Essentials Kit is a lifesaver. It’s small enough to bring it on the go with you, and it really does have everything you need to keep your make-up, brushes and tools clean and ready for purpose.

There is really no point in investing in a skincare regime if you are going to apply make-up with dirty brushes and tools, as it will just transfer bacteria and germs onto the skin which may lead to breakouts and jeopardise a good base to apply make-up to.

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What are the biggest mistakes people make with make-up looks?

I feel that people often think that expensive make-up is better than buying good tools. Often, people go for expensive make-up and have bad or cheap tools, which should be the other way around – I prefer good, clean tools. Keeping your brushes clean also helps with the application and extends the life of your brushes.

When doing a more complex look that uses many different shades and pigments, you have to apply each with a clean brush for a clean application. To avoid having a huge selection of brushes, a brush cleaner will make life much easier. My go-to is the Quick Dry Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray. It cleans my brushes in minutes, meaning I can use minimal brushes and get a flawless finish.

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What attracted you to the beauty industry?

The beauty industry seems so accepting and so inviting. As a queer person it’s important for me to feel accepted and embraced in my work environment, and that’s really what brought me to the beauty industry. I fell in love with the craftsmanship of being a make-up artist too.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

“It’s just make-up, it washes off.”

For anyone starting out, you don’t need to get frustrated when it doesn’t look like you had imagined, or if it doesn’t match your inspiration photo. Wipe it off, start again and just keep trying or simply make it your own unique look.

What make-up look do you think will be trending in 2022?

I don’t really keep up with trends or try to predict the future, I just do what I love and enjoy, and I hope people enjoy it!

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