Perfect the pregnancy pedicure

By Sophie Nutt | 12 April 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

Sandal season is looming and pedicure treatments are soon to be rife among nail professionals. However, while many professionals already know what makes a classic or luxurious pedicure, occasionally a client may visit your salon with a health burden or lifestyle factor that could impact the way their pedicure should be approached and performed.

The Mother-To-Be
Pregnant pampering can be a welcome treat for a tired mum-to-be as a luxurious pedicure can soothe sore feet and encourage circulation. The small but significant treatment can help boost beauty confidence during a pregnancy or simply help maintain overall foot care when the client can no longer reach her toes.

However, it is important to encourage pregnant clients to consult their GP about pedicure treatments before committing to an appointment, both for their own safety and your own insurance cover. “With approval from the client’s GP and a full therapist consultation, a pedicure can be a lovely, relaxing treatment for pregnant ladies,” comments Chloe Abbott, Sweet Squared and CND education ambassador. “While many see a pedicure as an essential, some clients see it as a luxurious experience that boosts their comfort, especially if a foot massage is incorporated into the treatment.

“As pregnant clients may complain of heavy, swollen feet I’d recommend using the CND Spa Marine Cooling Masque. It’s hydrating sea extract, conditioning mineral clay and soothing botanicals leave the skin soft and exhilarated – perfect for soon-to-be mums!”

When treating pregnant clients, focus on aiming to relieve swollen feet by encouraging increased circulation. “During pregnancy, apart from the problems with trying to reach feet as the baby bump grows, they can begin to noticeably swell and ache,” comments Dr Bharti Rajput MBE, director and podiatrist at Sole Body Soul, Dundee.

“Elevating and soaking the feet can really help to reduce swelling including gentle foot massaging by placing a ball on the floor and rolling the foot over it to allow the excess fluid to shift away from the feet,” Dr Bharti continues. The relief of pain and discomfort will see clients returning to the salon throughout the entirety of their pregnancy in the hunt for a slice of luxury.

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