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How she got the look in 3 hours off a dress from online clothing site @prettylittlething

By Alex Fox | 06 July 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

kimberley lythall & nail inspo
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kimberley lythall

How Kimberley created this nail look …

• The set took me three hours altogether. I prepped the nails ready for the set and used XXL coffin tips. I only trimmed the thumbs, as my client likes them long.
• I laid a clear acrylic base before adding the design. I used obsession by CJP to create the smile line ‘wall’ on the index fingers, so they had a chance to set before defining. When I’d finished the other fingers I went back to these and filed them into the shape I wanted, then filled the top with the colour Asphalt (CJP).
• The marble nails were created using Asphalt, Snap Dragon, Blue Wizard and Snow White (all CJP). I placed very small beads in a diagonal, then swirled them with the tip of my brush. As I went down the nails, the order of the bead colours was changed. To add sparkle I used Liquid Gold by Glitterbels in diagonal lines, going with the pattern.
• Then the designs were capped in Crystal Glass (CJP).
• The little finger was a 4-colour ombré using Obsession, Snap Dragon, Asphalt and Blue Wizard. The blue was placed first, as I only wanted a hint of blue, then Asphalt, Snap Dragon and finally Obsession. I capped the blend with clear acrylic.
• The middle finger is a whole nail of Snap Dragon with nail decals and cloud nail art. I used Snowdrop gel paint (CJP) and dotted where I wanted the ‘bumps’ and used a flat brush to blend the white downwards.
• The thumb was created with the same colours.
• The same colours were used for the marble on the ring finger with the technique as above, however, I stopped the design halfway down the nail, then used Obsession to blend, then capped the blend with clear acrylic.
• The nails were then shaped and buffed ready for crystals and top coat.
• For the crystal patterns I used Crystal Freeze from Box of Nails, to move the crystals around so they didn’t take attention away from the patterns.
• Top coat was applied once the crystals were set.
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