Chloe Randall

How to perfect the ombré/baby boomer nail style

By Chloe Randall | 08 May 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature


Swapping the classic French for the baby boomer has become increasingly popular as a way of mixing it up. Experts share their top tips on how to recreate the ombré style…

“To create an ombré nail, I would use The GelBottle Inc’s Ombré Brush. Pick two colours; these can be a pink and white to create a classic baby boomer or contrasting colours for a more colourful finish,” reveals Aimee Purser, founder of Aimee Purser Beauty.

“I would apply both colours to each half of the nail either vertically or horizontally, overlapping the colours slightly then blending with the Ombré Brush. You may need to cure and repeat to achieve full coverage.”

“For me, baby boomers are much easier to create than sharp smile lines, but getting the perfect blend does take practice,” says Tina Bell, head of education & support at Pure Nails. “I like to use a smaller brush for the ombré itself then cap in with my normal brush. Making sure you cap the blend and side walls will help protect the white and ombré when you buff in.

“For an ombré with gel polish, invest in a great ombré brush and find a technique that suits you. With practice, it will become second nature and it’s a great effect that clients love.”

“Once you have painted your French base, instead of using a sponge to apply the white high pigment gel, use a white pigment powder and brush it into the tacky layer of the French base,” states Faye Dennis, Bio Sculpture mentor. “For more intensity at the end, just tap in more pigment. Finish with a top coat and you are all set.”

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