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Nailscopes: Pisces, February 19 – March 20

By Callie Iley | 27 February 2021 | Feature

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Immerse in the characteristics of each sign in the zodiac, as Scratch explores colour draws, career motives & more…

Key Qualities

Compassionate, caring and kind, Pisces is one of the most empathetic signs in the zodiac. Optimistic and enthusiastic, this sign is extremely easy-going and can adapt to any and all circumstances. This ability to be dynamic and fluid helps them be understanding, supportive and accepting when the people around them are in need.

They are gentle and empathetic people who are friendly in nature, making them extremely likeable to others. Pisces are selfless, devoted friends who are loyal and forgiving of any mistakes you might make, and are some of the most non-judgemental. They have a strong moral compass that guides them through life.

Their imaginative nature can cause them to be idealistic at times but makes them extremely artistic and creative people.

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Personal & Professional Relationships

This friendly sign often finds themselves in the company of others, because people love being around them! They are always willing to help others and often put the needs of those around them before their own. This sign looks for the best in everyone that they meet.

Their caring, loyal nature means they make amazing friends and would do anything for those that are important to them. They prioritise communication in both personal and professional relationships, believing anything can be solved by talking things out. Pisces offer unconditional, non-judgemental support to everyone in their lives and make a conscious effort to validate people’s feelings.

Being so easy going and likeable makes this water sign extremely popular, and their adaptability means they can get on with anyone. Despite this innate social ability, Pisces also values time alone and prioritises quality over quantity in relationships with others.

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Work & Home Habits

This water sign is ruled by Neptune, which feeds into the creativity and imaginative ability of this sign. Because of this, Pisces works best in roles that allow them to use their creative capabilities to the highest degree.

This sign is driven by making others feel good and work best when they are able to do this. They are hardworking, determined to achieve any goals they set themselves and are extremely reliable. This sign loves to push any and all boundaries.

Pisces are easily inspired and have lots of energy for work, but maintain a positive work life balance, as they are also very family oriented. This sign possesses a vivid imagination and are often exceptionally artistically gifted. It is no surprise that Pisces make amazing nail techs!

Style File

Pisces are known for their vibrant and glamourous style. They often have comfortable favourites with laid back vibes in their wardrobe, mixed in with luxurious fabrics such as silk and velvet. Their immaculate style is embodied by celebrities of this sign, including Rihanna, Madison Beer, Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber, Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore, Adam Levine and Elizabeth Taylor.

Singer, actor and business woman, Rihanna, poses for her Fenty Beauty launch, wearing nails by Maria Salandra of @redhotnails

Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello shows off beautiful black French tips by Kim Truong of @kimkimnails

Colour Picks

Being a water sign, it is no surprise that ocean shades such as sea green are in the top colour picks for this sign! Purple is another top shade for Pisces, as it channels creativity, and lilac hues can help to enhance the optimism, light and imagination of this sign.

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