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Nailscopes: Taurus, April 20 – May 20

By Callie Iley | 27 April 2021 | Feature

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Immerse in the characteristics of each sign in the zodiac, as Scratch explores colour draws, career motives & more…

Key Qualities

Ambitious and dedicated, Taureans are one of the more focused and hardworking signs of the zodiac. They are committed and persistent with anything they put their mind to. Taureans have high levels of productivity due to their determination to achieve, constantly persevering in order to reach their goals. They are practical people and often considered as being the voice of reason amongst friends. This earth sign is laidback, relaxed, observant and analytical.

Those born under Taurus are loyal and reliable people who bring stability to the lives of others.

Taureans are known for their understanding nature, valuing honesty in others. Ruled by Venus, this sign has an appreciation for the beauty in life and has a creative, artistic flair and a keen eye for detail.

These striking enhancements by @nailsdonebyserena feature the Taurean bull and a celestial background.

Personal & Professional Relationships

Those born under Taurus make loyal friends; always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Taureans easily create close connections with others and see the best in the people around them. A Taurus is known for being a trustworthy and dependable friend who offers good advice and loves to laugh.

Amongst colleagues, Taureans are known for being reliable and patient, always offering help when it’s needed. They are honest people who keep promises and expect the same in return from those around them.

These fun and bold Taurus-themed press-ons by @sugarpopsets are adorned with constellations and rhinestones.

Work & Home Habits

Taureans love home comforts, and family is extremely important to them. Ruled by Venus, Taureans love both living and working in beautiful environments. They are hardworking, consistent, focused and patient in the workplace; known for being thorough with tasks. They love taking all the time they need to concentrate and finish the job properly.

Taureans are best suited to artistic, ‘hands-on’ careers, finding purpose in bringing beauty to the lives of others.

Taureans works best when they can see the finished, final results of their hard work, seeking gratification from the beauty they create. Those born under this sign make amazing nail techs due to their creative, artistic nature and close attention to detail.

Mei Kawajiri serves up a super-cute 3D nail design for Gigi Hadid

Style File

Self-expression is important to a Taurus, so this sign isn’t afraid to make a statement. Taureans relish in all things beauty and skincare and have a fashion-forward sense of style. They values quality and texture in their style and even casual looks are stylish and on-trend. Some stylish Taurus celebrities include Gigi Hadid, Channing Tatum, Travis Scott, Adele, David Beckham, Megan Fox, Cher, Blac Chyna and Rosario Dawson.

Blac Chyna shows of a stunning long black and white set, courtesy of @marienailz

Colour Picks

Black mirrors the practical and stable nature of the Taurus personality. As an Earth sign, shades of green and brown are perfect for a Taurus, revitalising and reflecting its vibrance. White can have a soothing effect on a Taurus as it complements the relaxed and laidback nature of the sign. The femininity of its ruling planet, Venus, makes pink a strong match for the sign, too.

NSI Polish Pro in Roadie,

CND Vinylux™ in Black Pool,