The Great Scratch Shoot Out: The Criteria

By Kat Hill | 10 July 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

Shoot Out Criteria 1200

Entering The Great Scratch Shoot Out? The judging panel carefully score each entry individually to the following criteria. Read it closely – every point counts in a competition!

Don’t forget! Entry closes on 31 August 2018 at 5pm GMT!

  • Instant impact

Does your image have a ‘wow’ factor that commands attention?

  • Originality of concept

Is your theme and image striking? Is it unusual and creative?

  • Execution of concept

From the styling to your model’s nails, has the whole look been well executed? 

  • Clarity of photograph and nails

Is your image clear and completely in focus? Are the nails well photographed? Is the whole image finished with post-production tweaks?

  • Use of colour and lighting

Does the lighting fit your theme and ensure the image makes an impact?

  • Nail finish

Is your nail design finished to perfection? Check they’re even in shape and form and pay close attention to the cuticles and skin surrounding.

  • Nail design

Does your nail design fit with your theme? How have you brought your concept to life?

  • Model,pose and positioning

Consider your model’s pose and hands – does it draw the eye to your nail design? Is your model a great fit for your concept?

  • Overall styling

Look at your whole image. From the hair to the make-up to the costume, has every detail been considered?

  • Cover worthiness

Can you see your shot on the cover of Scratch? If so, you might just have a winning image!

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Terms & Conditions

  • Entry us open worldwide
  • The judge’s decision is final
  • Entries must be 10×8” and 300dpi (hi-res). Images may be cropped to fit required dimensions.
  • Multiple entries from one individual will be accepted
  • Entries should be exclusive to the competition
  • Entries are individually marked
  • Every entry must be accompanied by an entry form, including entrant’s name, address and contact details