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Workplace wellbeing: advice & support for nail businesses

By Rebecca Hitchon | 03 November 2022 | Feature, Health & wellbeing

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Scratch explores three ways to boost employee wellbeing in your nail business…

1. Team togetherness

“Positive workplace wellbeing is crucial, as a team’s attitude is what drives a brand to grow,” explains Elissa Newton, Lecenté educator & owner of Derry salon, The Nail Lady.Staff not being in harmony or one individual not being on a positive frequency can affect the running of a business.

“Knowing your team, individually and as a whole, is paramount, so it’s a good idea to have team gatherings at the beginning of each day. Focus on what’s going well and appreciate staff, for example by sharing success stories and envisioning how the day is going to flow in a positive manner. Also, organise team bonding events both inside and outside of the work environment.”

2. Keep Thriving campaign

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Health, safety and wellbeing charity, British Safety Council, has launched the Keep Thriving campaign, offering any organisation employing up to 500 staff the opportunity to receive free support to improve their workplace wellbeing.

The Council is offering micro, small and medium-sized businesses the chance to attend one of a series of free three-hour workshops, which will help them develop a strategy to track and evaluate their wellbeing progress. Alongside this, it is inviting those who attend to apply for a cash award to fund activity they implement as a result, with up to £10,000 available to one or more businesses.

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“We’ve been seeing more and more pressures piling onto businesses, especially smaller ones, following the Covid pandemic and with the rising cost of energy, and as a charity we want to do something to help,” comments Peter McGettrick, chairman of British Safety Council.

“That’s why we are offering SMEs and micro-sized employers the chance to improve the wellbeing of their staff, completely free of charge. Employers will be able to meet other like-minded organisations to discuss the challenges, opportunities and best ways of developing a wellbeing strategy, and find out how improving wellbeing boosts their organisational performance and reduces the likelihood of accidents and ill-health among their staff.”

Applications to take part in the campaign can be made here and are open until 30 November 2022.

3. Self-employed guidance

If you are self-employed, treat yourself as you would treat a member of staff and be the best boss to yourself,” advises Sophie Donaldson, Georgie Smedley Group ambassador & owner of Sophie’s Cosy Corner in Kent. “No boss would get away with asking a staff member to not have a lunch break, work seven days a week, or not get a certain amount of holiday per year.

“Don’t forget that you are working to give yourself a happy life, so it’s important to raise your prices in line with inflation, cover yourself for sick days and time off, and cover your pension in your pricing,” she continues.