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Celebrity nail tech Chaun Legend announces collaboration with Aprés Nail

By Scratch Staff | 14 February 2021 | Celebrity, News, Products & Treatments

Lead Apres Chaun Legend The Sculpted Square Xxl Gel X Tips

Chaun Legend, the US nail tech renowned for working with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Cardi B, has collaborated with Aprés Nail for a second time to unveil a new full coverage soft gel shape; The Sculpted Square XXL Gel-X Tips.

The launch combines Chaun’s square design with Aprés’ soft-gel formula to fit with current 90s-style nail trends. This collaboration comes a year after Legend and Aprés Nail launched the Sculpted Tapered Coffin Extra Long Gel-X Tips.

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Chaun Legend

“Chaun has been an influential force in the nail industry,” comments Carol Ma, co-founder of Aprés Nail. “We were excited to collaborate with him again for this release to showcase the art form behind his unique XXL square tip style. Since his first product release with us, our effort has been to make his tip shape accessible and achievable for nail technicians and clients that wish to obtain Chaun’s unique build.”

Chaun adds: “I hope with my new tip shape, those who wish to wear (nail) sets like the ones they see on my Instagram feed will be able to achieve the look.”