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NAIL BITES: 5 tales from the industry w/c 30 May

By Chloe Randall | 06 June 2021 | News

Nail Bites 30 May

Here at Scratch, we love keeping up to date with anything fun happening in the nail industry! These are our top 5 nail tales of the week…

1. Rumour alert!

News has recently surfaced that Harry Styles is potentially starting his own beauty brand. It is rumoured he has filed a trademark for a company called ‘Styles Harry Edward’ aka, S.H.E.

2. Did you know?

In India, it is considered a sign of wealth for a man to have at least one long nail.

3. Dove’s mission

Beauty brand, Dove, has joined forces with NGO Conservation International to restore 20,000 hectares of North Sumatran forest.

4. A French for Kylie

Celebrity nail artist, Chaun Legend, created a fresh French set for Kylie Jenner using The Gel Bottle products.

Instagram @chaunlegend

5. Fun Fact

A report by Market Primes shows that the UV Nail Gel market share is to be valued at over USD 56 Million by 2025.