SEMILAC UK to work with Danielle Lloyd

By Kat Hill | 02 June 2017 | Celebrity, News

Semilac Beauty Uk 1 Copy

Semilac UK will be working with its brand ambassador, Danielle Lloyd.

Model and soon-to-be mother is on hand to reinforce the brand’s message that busy and active women need beautifully strong nails they can rely on, without compromising on quality or durability.

“Semilac is an amazing product,” explains Danielle. “It lasts so much longer than any others I’ve tried! I can do everything with my children from baking to messy crafts and my nails still look perfect. I’m really proud to be associated with a local business that has such great potential.”

Danielle has since posted on her own Instagram an image of  her received a Semilac manicure, stating that followers could “Get the perfect nails what last for weeks without any chipping.”

Our brand has almost three quarters of the market share in Poland,” explains  Monika Shine, Semilac UK director. “Semilac deserves to be a household name in the UK as well. We really got the word out that we can give women a product as strong as they are, because our hybrid nail polish lasts up to three weeks – without chipping or smudging.”