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This one device can create any lipstick shade in seconds

By Lilly Delmage | 05 August 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

lipskit 2.0

Ever feel like the perfect lipstick shade is just impossible to find? Well, now you can be your own shade creator, as GoPlay Cosmetics has released the LIPSKIT 2.0, a ‘lipstick factory in your hands’.

Designed in an attempt to combat product waste while boosting shade options, the LIPSKIT uses five colour cartridges in the primary colours of red, yellow, blue, white, and black as a base to create an infinite number of shades through mixing.

lipskit mockup

A user can think of any lipstick shade they want to wear, and then dispense measured quantities of the primary colours from the cartridges to create it in seconds. The product is based on colour theory, which states that with access to just primary base colours, a user can blend these colours in exact proportions to create any specific shade as desired.

The LIPSKIT 2.0 follows the successful launch of the original LIPSKIT, and is assembled individually for each user and made to match their exact skin tone and undertone.

Each customer is sent a short personalisation quiz with which their ‘Skin Season’ is identified, and the colour cartridges that go into the kit are then put together to suit the customer’s exact skin tone.

The users are also able to choose from a wide array of colours that are specific to them through an app that gives users recommendations on which colour would look best on them, and then provides the blend formula for that colour.

hyper personalized lipskit 2

The combination of the LIPSKIT and the app is the next step in the company’s quest to make personalised beauty accessible and affordable for all.

“The merging of product innovation and technology is a completely new way of thinking about make-up,” comments Mugdha Hedaoo, the inventor of LIPSKIT. “Until now, buying a new product was the only way to try a new shade of cosmetics. This is what we want to change in consumer behaviour with our reusable, sustainable products and know that there is a movement towards conscious consumption which we want to lead in our small way.”

goplay cosmetics founders

The GoPlay Cosmetics founders

Hedadoo was inspired to create the LIPSTIK on learning that almost 87% of all make-up products that are purchased, and the packaging alone contributes to over 120 billion units of paper and plastic that go into landfills.

lipskit 2.0 bullets transparent

As well as being beneficial for the environment and the buyer, the product itself also prides itself in its long-lasting, high-pigmented formulas that comply to the company’s ethos. The pigments are vegan and cruelty-free, with enough product to replace up to 20 single use lip colour products the prevented product wastage is undeniable.

The LIPSKIT 2.0 is available here.