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Keen to enhance nails & aid structure? Turn to 8 Ceramic Bases from Kinetics

By Emma Hobday | 14 September 2021

Create enhancements up to 2mm in a shade to suit every skin tone with the Kinetics Shield Ceramic Bases collection. Ideal for French manicures, ombré looks and as a base for colour application, each product helps eliminate the formation of cracks and wears for up to 28 days. The brush-on…

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Kinetics unveils 8 autumn nail shades inspired by human affection

By Emma Hobday | 3 September 2021

Attention, affection, and appreciation are the inspirations behind Kinetics’ autumn collection, entitled Affection. The eight shades – available in SolarGel lacquer and Shield Gel Polish are:                 509 – AFFECTION Flat White. Relaxing, neutral, and flexible, it will suit your self-exploring periods. Contagious…

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