Team CND styles nails for Sophia Webster AW18

By Sophie Nutt | 20 February 2018 | Blog, Out & About

Vibrant, dazzling and opulent nails created by the CNDTM nail team, spearheaded by creative lead, Marian Newman, flawlessly complemented shoes and accessories for the Sophia Webster showcase of her autumn/winter 2018 collection, I Don’t Need A Mango To Tango.

Held at the Café Royal hotel in London, the presentation was a glitzy affair that saw models posing and dancing on winner’s podiums while showing off glamorous garments, shoes and accessories. A giant rotating glitter ball, shimmer curtains and drapes lined the sumptuous Pompadour Ballroom of the hotel, where crystal encrusted products were displayed in trophy cabinets and on trophy plinths.

The theme of the entire collection and show was inspired by Sophia’s love for ballroom: a large chunk of inspiration specifically deriving from one of Sophia’s favourite films, Strictly Ballroom. “The collection and the show theme this season is very close to my heart as I grew up with competitive dancing,” reveals Sophia. “Dance costumes have to be made in striking colour combinations, sequins and crystals to attract the attention of the judges and I loved bringing this to life in AW18.”

Guests were greeted with a large neon sign upon entry to the presentation, titling the I Don’t Need A Mango To Tango logo, while a DJ and live bongo drums provided a soundtrack for the showcase. Outside, two dancers cascaded the hotel balcony performing routines to top off the flamboyant ballroom theme.

Ballroom glamour was found in every detail of the presentation – right down to the fingertips of models. Nails were dipped in vibrant oranges to create decadent ombré effects and drenched in Swarovski Crystals and Crystal Pixies; other nail designs saw provocative fishnets, embroidered textures, pretty polka dots and exotic fruit headpieces. Behind the designs was the CNDTM nail team lead by Marian Newman, including Kristina Saindon, Kelly Melanitou, Cait Hill, Natalyia Al Ta Ai and Becca Gray.

Given outfits made up of a dress, shoes and accessories as a brief, the nail team were challenged with creating designs that beautifully complemented each individual look appearing at the presentation. Each model had a bespoke and unique nail look that coincided perfectly with the outfit that was on display.

“It took each artist from the amazing CNDTM nail team two days – roughly 10 hours a day – to make each set,” comments nail lead Marian Newman. “There were 22 nails per set, which allows for all of the different sizes and spares in case any get lost, but this was an absolute labour of love that’s so unique. These nails are the ultimate fashion accessory because each set totally completes the look.”

Emphasising the pure decadence of each unique nail design, Marian adds, “This really is a case of don’t wear jewellery – wear your nails!”

Any nails that could be seen in open-toe shoes were also painted using a variety of CNDTM Vinylux shades to match those of the fingernails, including Wildfire, Electric Orange and Uncovered.

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