Handy tips for mobile nail techs

By Metta Francis | 10 April 2018 | Blog, Business

Metta Francis, winner of Scratch Stars Mobile Nailist of the Year 2015 & 2017, reveals her top tips for fellow techs working on-the-move…

It’s so important to be organised as a mobile nail technician, as there is not the luxury of being able to pop to the nail cupboard to grab what’s missing – as there is in a salon environment. We need to pack every item we may possibly need before an appointment.

Over the years, a few slips here and there have left me in sticky situations. From running out of acetone to forgetting foil remover wraps, I’ve adopted various tips and tricks to minimise the likelihood of these things happening again and ensuring that my kit is super organised.

These tips may sound obvious, but they’re definitely worth a reminder!

1. Stock check

When you’re constantly on the go, it’s easy to forget to stop and check which products need replenishing, so take time out every week or fortnight to ensure everything is topped up. During your busiest period, make sure you have a good stock of your essential products so that you don’t get caught out. This is a task salons do regularly but can be easily forgotten when you’re working mobile.

2. Decant liquids into smaller bottles

My kit used to be overwhelmed with full sized liquids. Now that I’m using smaller, travel-sized bottles, my bag has a more organised and minimalistic feel that I love. This was a top tip I picked up from session nail technician, Trish Lomax, when I worked as part of her team on a Burberry show at London Fashion Week.

3. Create a checklist for your kit

As I use a variety of different systems, I find a checklist really helpful when packing as I can confirm I have exactly what I need for every service. A simple list on your iPad or phone is all that’s needed.

4. Separate kits for each system

I make sure that I have at least three separate kits for my main services. This means that I have three separate sets of nail tools, sundries and towels as well as spares. I treated myself to a second Zuca case and now have two for each system I use plus my Roo Beauty Glam Session Bag. This might sound excessive but I was spending so much time unpacking, repacking and stressing out (and forgetting key items) that it makes life so much easier.

If you personally don’t need multiple kits, I’d recommend you invest in one really good mobile nail tech bag that is lightweight yet sturdy and spacious for everything you need.

5. Always pack your kit the night before

I’ve noticed that if I try to pack my kit on the day of the client’s appointment, I am more likely to forget something. So now, I pack my kit in the evening (no matter how late) and check it again in the morning with a fresh set of eyes. It’s worth it, despite how tired you may be!

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