REVIEW: The HD Brows treatment

By Sophie Nutt | 16 February 2018 | Blog, Out & About

On Monday afternoon, I took a trip to London to visit the Karen Betts Clinic to have my first ever HD Brow consultation and treatment. Not only was it my first HD Brows experience, but it was my first eyebrow treatment at all… Ever.

So, I excitedly hotfooted to Harley Street, eager to learn everything about the treatment and techniques used.

In brief, HD Brows is a treatment created by High Definition Beauty that offers a unique brow service to every client, with each treatment being tailored to the client’s face shape, hair colour, skin tone and personal preferences.

The treatment consists of five main steps: the consultation, tint, wax, thread and finish, all-in-all taking around 30-40 minutes to complete (which totally flies when you’re sat in the chair!). As well as this, every client has to carry out a patch test 48 hours before the treatment to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and the client’s health is not at risk.

Once I arrived at the clinic, I was introduced to HD Brows Stylist, Jamie, who got me to fill out a quick form consisting of some medical questions and then it was onto the treatment. Before diving in, Jamie asked me about my eyebrow preferences and current routine, such as how I wore them day-to-day, whether I prefer a fuller or thinner brow and whether I wanted them to match the colour of my hair. This was all in a bid to make my eyebrows perfectly suited to me as an individual.

Then, Jamie began to tint my brows – however, to my surprise, the bespoke dye was only left on for a matter of a minute or two before it was wiped off with a dry cotton pad. The tint is left on for only a short amount of time and wiped off with a dry pad as it then continues to develop throughout the course of the treatment, meaning a quicker and more efficient experience.

After this, Jamie waxed all of the unwanted and ‘fluffy’ hairs from around my brows and followed up with threading. As an eyebrow novice, I was expecting this to sting a lot more than it did, but with sharp and swift movements, it was over before I knew it. Any other hairs that managed to escape the wax and thread were plucked out with some tweezers.

To finish the treatment, Jamie used High Definition’s Pro Pencil, Brow Define in Bombshell and Brow Beater to create a flawless and natural look, as well as applying a little pressed powder and highlighter to conceal any redness.

When I was passed a mirror to have a glance at my new brows, I couldn’t quite believe it – my eyebrows appeared fuller and the shape was immaculate. Not only the appearance, but the skin around my brows felt smoother. Jamie had given me brows that could attract envy.

There are specially qualified HD Brow Stylists all over the country, as High Definition offer both HD Brows and Advanced HD Brows training courses at different locations. High Definition make-up, including brow products, are available for retailing to clients.

The ever-popular service is continuing to impress clients and the regrowth programme that can be offered as part of the HD treatment makes for a high chance of repeat bookings.

To find out more about the HD Brow treatment, training, or High Definition Beauty products head to