NAIL NEWS backstage at Dancing On Ice: Week 2

By Maddy Rooke | 20 January 2018 | Blog, Out & About

Follow Maddy Rooke, celebrity nail tech, Gellux fan and MD of Nails at Studio 4, as she tends to the talons of skaters and celebrities backstage at ITV’s Dancing On Ice


Week 2 on Dancing On Ice came around soooo quickly. My call time was 11am but I arrived early to ensure I had enough time to set up and look through all of of the costumes. There is nothing worse than starting the day rushed; especially when you know it’s going to hectic! It’s important to be early and organised. I thought it would be a good idea to colour order all of my nail shades (my go-to’s are GELLUX, IBD and CND Vinylux) and I loaded my very large kit into the car and lay it down sideways in the boot. Low and behold, I opened my kit when I got to the studio and well, let’s just say the colour order went out of the window – ahhhh! Luckily, I had left enough time so if any emergencies happened they could be rectified.  PHEW!

Colour order saga over, I was ready to get cracking. It was so much more relaxed this week but only having 25 minutes on each celebrity and pro skater made sure I was kept busy for at least nine hours. I’m used to working 12 hours a days to fit in all of my lovely clients at NailstStudio4 in Brentwood so it wasn’t a problem for me. Like many, it takes me at least 45 mins to remove and reapply gel polish so you can imagine – I buffed, soaked and painted like never before. I was on a mission. Another tip – never order fajitas for lunch when you have no break and no time to eat it – chips will do!

This week, I got to meet Donna Air. She had a gorgeous Gatsby-inspired look so a vintage gold glitter had to be applied. As always, I reached for my trusty GELLUX Clear Base/Top Coat and applied the GELLUX Gel Polish in Gold Rush with the Lecente Ultra Fine Glitter in Sand over the top. I brushed the glitter down to create a more metallic finish rather than a glitter effect – I felt this suited the theme a lot more.

Actress, Brooke Vincent, wore one of my favourite costumes of the week; a blue and red pop art-inspired outfit. As soon as I saw it, I knew that Daily Charm Metallic Chrome Flakes in Red were a must! I applied IBD Builder Gel under Brooke’s colour to provide more strength as well as additional length to some broken nails.

TOP TIPS: Application needs to be extremely smooth under any chrome pigment used or it will show up every lump and bump. You must also use a non-wipe top coat with any chrome powders. They will not adhere to regular gel polish top coats. This transformed the polish in seconds and gave it a gorgeous metallic finish. I painted my nails in the same as soon as I got home!One of my favourite nail looks of the week was for pro skater, Vanessa, who is paired with singer, Jake Quickenden. I used the GELLUX Gel Polish in Black Onyx with the Daily Charm Magic White Chrome over the top for her nail look. I regularly use this black shade from GELLUX because the pigment is amazing in just one coat and means that I don’t have to apply too much product underneath the chrome.

Another week complete! Catch me here again next week to find out what went down on week three…

Maddy x