Scratch team gets immersed in Scentered products

By Sophie Nutt | 20 November 2017 | Blog, Launches, News, Out & About

On Friday, myself and Kat were invited to an event held by Scentered – a range of natural aromatherapy products that are designed to help the user stay centred, wherever and whenever.

Fresh-faced and eager to find out more about the products and the concept, we were introduced to the Scentered therapy balms and were talked through each of the six scents that make up the range: Be Happy, Love, Focus, De-Stress, Escape and Sleep Well.

Each balm is made up of different essential oils to create a unique scent, delivering a different effect dependant on your desired mood. For example, the Be Happy therapy balm is made up of scents from grapefruit, lemon myrtle and spearmint to create a natural way of boosting positivity and uplifting your mood; whereas the Sleep Well balm is made up of scents from palmarosa, lavender and ylang ylang to encourage restful, restorative sleep.

While talking to the team from Scentered, there was one phrase in particular that kept on cropping up: ‘Stop. Inhale. Reset.’ This is the Scentered ritual, which is at the heart of every product from the range. Believing that most of us don’t take a moment out of our hectic days to focus on ourselves, Scentered aims to change that and boost wellbeing as a result. The ‘Stop. Inhale. Reset.’ ritual applies to the way in which the balms are designed to be used:

1. Stop – choose desired balm and apply to pressure points (temples, neck and wrists)

2. Inhale – breathe deeply, bringing wrists up to your nose and taking a deep breath for maximum effect

3. Reset – reset your mood and continue your day

After being introduced to each part of the Scentered range, Kat and I got ready for our personal session with meditation teacher, Holiday Phillips. Both completely new to meditation, we were intrigued and ready to fully immerse ourselves into the session. The meditation took place in a gorgeous-smelling, decadent room doused in Scentered candles, with slippers and blankets on offer as we were encouraged to take off our shoes and get comfortable. Holiday talked us through the basics of meditation, how to incorporate it into daily life and guided us through a 15 minute session. Just that short amount of time with the aroma of the Scentered candles and Holiday’s knowledge and guidance left us feeling zen, refreshed and relaxed – words that aren’t often associated with a Friday morning!

We were then lucky enough to have a chat with Lara Morgan, co-founder of Scentered, who spoke to us about how the idea for Scentered began and why she believes it is so important for us to take time out of our day to reset our mood, whatever that may be. After being encouraged by her mother to use aromatherapy as a release from her busy lifestyle, Lara tried different methods but found that none of them were portable. Stressing the importance of portability when it comes to the Scentered balms, she reveals that Escape is her go-to and that she always has the balm in her jacket pocket or handbag.

Lara explains that at different times of the day, different scents work for different people and therefore how the balms are used is completely down to personal experiences. The balms are designed to be on-hand for whenever and wherever they are needed. “It’s all about what works for you at that time,” Lara comments, “The balm is there whenever I need it.” Lara’s passion for helping the busy modern woman really shines through when she speaks about Scentered and can be seen throughout the range that took years to develop and create.

The event had a truly relaxing feel to it – a space for everyone to mingle, enjoy the products and discuss their benefits, while enlightening themselves in the world of meditation. A spread of healthy snacks and beverages, such as rosemary water, were on offer and added to the mindful atmosphere of the event. The morning reflected everything Scentered stands for and was a perfect way to showcase the range that captivated everyone in attendance.

In additional, Scentered donates 10% of its net profit to Women for Women International, an organisation that supports and empowers marginalised women in war-torn countries.

The Scentered range is available via Gerrard International at