Katie Barnes
Katie Barnes

4 controversial nail industry trends

By Katie Barnes | 23 February 2024 | Expert Advice, Feature

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In the ever-evolving world of nails, trends come and go and sometimes, controversial topics arise that spark debate among qualified nail technicians.

As professionals in the industry, it’s essential to stay informed and educated on these discussions to better serve our clients and uphold the highest standards of nailcare and artistry.

Let’s delve into some contentious nail trends and topics that have been making waves in the industry…

  1. Dip powder nails vs. traditional L&P acrylic

One of the ongoing discussions in the professional nail community is the comparison between dip powder nails and traditional L&P acrylic enhancements. While dip powder nails are praised for their durability and convenience, some technicians raise concerns about the potential health risks associated with the application and removal process.

It’s vital for qualified nail technicians to understand the application and removal processes of the systems they use and assess the suitability of each system for their client. Nail professionals need to explore the benefits of each system and educate their clients on the best practices for maintaining healthy nails.

  1. Gel polish removal: safety first

The topic of gel polish removal has been a point of contention among nail technicians, with debates surrounding the safest and most effective methods. Some technicians advocate for gentle removal techniques to minimise damage to natural nails, while others argue for quicker but potentially harsher removal methods. As qualified professionals, it’s crucial to prioritise nail health and safety when offering gel polish removal services and to educate clients on proper aftercare and removal practices.

  1. Nail art trends: pushing the boundaries

As nail art continues to evolve and push creative boundaries, we encounter trends that may be considered controversial or divisive. From intricate 3D nail art to bold designs and extreme nail shapes, qualified nail technicians must strike a balance between artistic expression and practicality. It’s essential to communicate openly with clients about their preferences and expectations regarding nail art trends, to deliver a personalised and satisfactory experience.

  1. Nail health & education

Amidst the excitement of experimenting with new trends and techniques, nail technicians must not overlook the importance of nail health and education. Providing clients with accurate information about proper nailcare, hygiene practices and maintenance routines is an integral part of our role as professionals. By promoting nail health awareness and offering sound advice, we can help clients make informed decisions that benefit their overall nail wellness. Remember, as nail technicians you must never diagnose – but can suggest that something may look like a disorder while not confirming. A customer should always visit a medical professional for a diagnosis.

As qualified nail technicians, it’s essential to approach controversial nail topics with an open mind, remembering that each business has different requirements, a commitment to ongoing education and a dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and care.

By staying informed, engaging in constructive discussions and prioritising nail health and safety, you can navigate the ever-changing landscape of nail trends with confidence and expertise.

Love Katie B x