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4 handcare products for all your dark spot needs

By Emma Hobday | 19 July 2021 | Brands, Feature

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Are your hands looking like lizard skin? Oh no – is that an age spot? And what’s that new patch of pigmentation? Looking after your hands is vital when you are exposed to the sun, as hands can be one of the first areas on the body to show signs of sun damage and ageing.

Always protect your hands from the sun, with a broad-spectrum SPF that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, or you can also get hand creams with added SPF – just make sure you reapply throughout the day, especially if you are in direct sunlight.

In the meantime, Scratch has rounded up some blemish-busting products for hands with age spots, pigmentation and dryness.

Nimue Active Hand Repair contains 3% Triple AHA Complex and 5% Kigelia Africana (a quintessential African herbal medicinal plant used for wound healing, psoriasis and skincare) which exfoliates, improves skin texture and encourages cell turnover. 

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“Simply apply a small amount to the front and back of the hands and rub together,” recommends a Nimue expert. “Use daily and as often as necessary and be sure to re-apply after exercise or water activities for optimum hydration benefits and to help control age spots.”

The Anti Dark Spots Cream from luxe Swiss brand Mavex is made with an Ultrabright Bio Complex, which works efficiently in the deepest layers of the epidermis to selectively reduce discolorations and the dark spots of the skin. “Grapefruit extract, mandelic acid and Argan oil also gives the hands a brightness and smoothness, and nourishes, protects and deeply hydrates,” comments a spokesperson from Mavex.

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The TriPeptide Collagen Hand Mask by BeautyLab uses phospholipids to hydrate and plump, which also enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture and protect it from external factors. “Liquorice and lemon peel adds brightness, lightens the appearance of pigment spots and evens out skin tone,” reveals a BeautyLab expert. Plus, the addition of sea kelp helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier and improves the visibility of wrinkles.


Mavex also lend its expertise with the Anti Dark Spots Serum, an intensive concentrated product specifically for hands affected by dark spots. It contains hyaluronic acid, sea collagen and the stem cells of Swiss Edelweiss (Switzerland’s national flower) which prevents the degeneration of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

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