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5 social media content creation tips for your nail & beauty business

By Guest Writer | 03 March 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Anna Khanna, founder of Socialista Media, shares some social media content creation ideas for your beauty business…

Banking content ready for your social media posts will provide your followers valuable content, whilst helping you achieve your business goals. There are many ways that this can be done quickly and easily, and will ensure that you’re connecting with your target customer, attracting new followers and increasing your engagement.

When you need to film content, or take images for your grid you’re already in that creative mindset, so it’s easy to adjust a few things to make it look like the content was filmed on a different day. It’s much quicker and easier to create your content in one day, especially if you’re a busy business owner looking to streamline your admin!

Put a content day in your diary, get a friend or family member to help, have your props ready, and get snap happy!

Below are my top 5 tips for banking social media content.

1.Change your background. Make sure that you have a variety of backdrops that you can use to make your images look different. Changing the walls, the angles, the filer and decorations in the background will help mix up your content whilst shooting it all in one day.

2. Add an ‘Instagram content’ folder to your phone. Save all of your ‘instagrammable’ images/videos in one, easy to access place. Take multiple pictures for future use and make this a habit. Unless you’re a professional photographer, one picture/video of what you are selling/doing is not enough. When you have a subject to photographer, you need to take multiple images from multiple angels, using different filters and adjusting the lighting.

3. Reuse the images you’ve already posted that have the highest engagement for a #TBT. They did well for a reason, your followers clearly loved that post, so reuse it and take it as an opportunity to look back and reminisce.

4.Take advantage of every opportunity in your day! Film ‘behind the scenes’ content when you’re working at your desk, out for a meeting, taking a break, posting orders, editing pictures, making products etc. Your followers will love having a nose and it’s a great opportunity to bank content creation. You don’t have to post it all on the same day, you could always bank it for another day.

5. Make the most of Awareness Days, Celebration Days & National Holidays. Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Womens Equality Day, the list goes on. Look up key awareness and holiday dates and add them into your diary. Schedule posts around the keys dates and tie them into your business to make them relevant.

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