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5 steps to a flawless wax service

By Guest Writer | 23 July 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Salon System educator & waxing expert, Lisa Stone, shares her waxing tips for summer…

Even though we may not all be able to jet off to exotic beaches this year due to Covid-19, it doesn’t mean that clients will want to scrimp on their wax services.

Warm weather and long summer nights will encourage the showing of smooth skin, and waxing is ideal for fuss-free results that leave skin smooth and hair-free for weeks.

Here are my recommendations to ensure you’re making the most of wax services and achieving the best possible results:

1.Be ready and be prepared. Your client base is likely to increase during waxing season and, with the additional time you now need to spend cleaning and sanitising your treatment area, your time is precious and your time is money!

Speed waxing techniques help reduce appointment times so you can squeeze in more clients. A few tweaks to your routine, such as trolley placement, having a trolley on wheels, loading the spatula well, wax application and the type of wax you use can make such a big difference to the time it takes you to carry out your treatments.

Understanding wax and hair types and areas are so important for helping with speed and removal. Soft, vellus hairs and larger areas like legs, arms backs and chest tend to remove well with strip wax, such as the Salon System JustWax Expert Hot Wax. Its velvet consistency glides thinly onto the skin and has a reduced sticky residue for fast, efficient waxing.

Thick, strong, curly hairs found on some underarms, bikini area, black skin, eyebrows and facial hair tend to remove well with hot wax due to its ability to encapsulate and grip tightly to hair. This wax is also great for areas that are delicate and sensitive. One of my favourite hot waxes to use on this hair type is the Salon System JustWax Multiflex Wax due to its multi directional removal technology. It’s ideal for tough, curly hairs and I get great results every time. It’s also really gentle on sensitive areas, too.

Make sure you are well stocked up; you don’t want to run out of spatulas or wax during your busy day and now we have to think about extra PPE, so make sure you have plenty of that in stock, too.

2. Summer is a great time to expand your waxing services and encourage new clients to indulge. If you only offer services to female clients, this is a great time of year to encourage male clients seeking a hair-free back and chest to book.

3. Make sure your clients come prepared for their waxing service. As well as being informed of your Covid-secure measures, advise that they wear loose, light clothing to their appointment to allow skin to stay cool and calm after the service.

Skin can often be dry in the summer so advising the client to exfoliate their skin a few days before their wax will help to remove dead skin build up that can slow down removal of wax and encourage ingrown hairs.

4. Make sure skin that hasn’t be exposed to UV in the last 24hrs or show signs of erythema (sunburn). Clients can be sat out in the sun then pop along for a wax, burnt or skin over exposed to UV can burn, graze, extremely irritated and lead to hyperpigmentation if waxed regardless of colour.

Always advise correct aftercare also as this can be a problem in the summer after waxing if skin is exposed to UV after waxing.

5. Summer waxing can mean hot, sweaty treatments rooms and hot, clammy skin which in turn can pose a problem for some waxes. Some waxes don’t perform well in such conditions and can take a long time to dry and make removal difficult, so consider a fast-drying hot wax.

I recommend Salon System’s JustWax Expert Hot Wax. It sets quickly and also has a colour indicator to let you know when it’s ready to remove, which great for speeding up your treatment times. A great tip is to wipe over your hot wax application with a cold, wet cotton wool pad to help set the wax.

For helping with hot, clammy and sweaty skin during the summer, I use the Salon System JustWax Expert Cleanse & Prime. It’s a perfect pre-cleansing gel which melts into a beautiful serum that removes any impurities on the surface of the skin and instantly refreshes and cools.

It’s great to apply after waxing especially on areas like the underarms and bikini, back and chest and even top lip that can perspire during and after waxing, because its alcohol-free formula wont sting and will give an extra cooling affect before your soothing lotion.

Salon System products are available via wholesalers nationwide.