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5 things I love about being a mobile nail tech

By Callie Iley | 09 February 2021 | Feature

Mobile Nail Tech

Scratch chats with East London-based mobile nail tech, Lois Elias of Polished by Lolo, about why she loves being a nailist on the move…

1. Convenience

In my opinion, the number one best thing about being mobile is that I can offer a convenient service to my clients. Life can get so hectic at times that it leaves little time for pampering – and that’s where I come in! Beauty treatments not only make you look good, but they make you feel good too. Self care is so important, especially in regard to reducing stress and giving you a confidence boost. I find that clients with busy or hectic lives – especially parents – really value and appreciate being able to take some time out for themselves.

2. Luxury

I think there is still a perception that some high street salons are impersonal and a bit like a conveyor belt of people. While I’ve seen many amazing salons challenging this perception, there’s definitely an element of luxury in having a manicurist come to you, and I like to tailor my services accordingly because of this. Tailoring your service makes the client feel that you understand their needs, and this helps to set yourself apart from other techs.
My regular clients all have their own personal file boxes, and I recommend a base depending on their nail condition. Even having a range of nudes for different skin tones can make clients feel more considered. Scrubs are becoming really popular now, so I’m really excited to add that to my service as a nice finishing touch.

3. Comfort

In my experience, clients tend to be more comfortable and chatty in their own home, which also helps to keep me relaxed while I’m carrying out their treatments. When clients are comfortable with their hands relaxed, I can manoeuvre their hands a lot more easily – meaning that the service is generally faster and I can achieve a cleaner finish. This therefore helps to improve the quality of the service in different ways.

4. Fewer cancellations

Working on a mobile basis requires a lot of organisation, but it also eliminates the problem of no-shows and frequent cancellations, especially at the last minute. There is a lot to consider in terms of organisation, for example, if you have a few clients in a day then travel time is a big factor. I like to buy essentials, like acetone and nail files, in bulk. I have an inventory checklist to ensure that I don’t forget anything. Clear pouches help me to quickly identify items.
Some of my other essentials are an extension lead, my card machine for easy payments, and my Navy Hygiene system, which makes cleaning my tools in between clients so much easier. No-shows and cancellations seem to be a common problem for many of us. It doesn’t happen often, but cancellations can cause gaps in my day, meaning I have to kill time between clients and I can’t always pop home. To value your own time, I think it’s important to have a clear, reasonable cancellation policy, and stick to it!

5. Flexibility

It gives me so much more flexibility and control over my business. I think the pandemic has caused a surge in demand for at-home beauty services, and I hope this interest continues going forward. I have a 9-5 corporate job as well as doing nails, so a salon environment isn’t well suited for me personally. I also like the that fact that I can take days off or increase my hours as desired. Balance is so important for overall wellbeing, and needs to to be encouraged more.

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