5 things I love about being a salon owner

By Kat Hill | 10 February 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Naf Salon Team

Scratch chats with Glasgow-based owner of NAF! Salon, Tammy Koslowski, about why she loves being a salon owner…

Tammy Koslowski

1 Our team & clients (the NAFIA!)

I never knew people were my passion until I opened my own salon. I love that I get to work with – and support – an incredible team of people. There’s no better feeling than seeing our clients excited to visit – the relationships they form with their techs and the love they have for the salon gets us through anything. We love our NAFIA!

2 Being part of the nail & beauty community

I’ve made some of the best friends through the nail community and feel really proud to work in our industry. The past year has been tough but I love how everyone has rallied together to support each other, challenge the way things work and get super creative!

3 Endless opportunities

Having a space and a platform to make my own mark on the world has allowed me to be in control of my career and create opportunities not just for myself, but other people too! We’ve done some amazing things, from creating our own products and launching NAF! Stuff and NAF! School to being featured in Vogue, working with some amazing brands and I was even a columnist for Scratch!

The NAF! Salon team

4 Being creative & learning every day

I don’t take appointments anymore, and really miss doing nail art and chatting to my clients, but I really thrive on seeing my team do it every day. I now get to be creative in other ways, like doing product design and development over at NAF! Stuff, working with a great team of people on our graphics and socials and, most importantly, problem solving and thinking creatively to make NAF! better every day.

5 Hosting guest nail artists

I love that NAF! isn’t just home to the team who works there every day, but we can share the love with some of our favourite artists. Opening our doors and inviting guests to work alongside us is one of the best things we ever did. It’s so great to learn new skills from people who inspire us and give our clients the opportunity to get their nails done by someone they would have to travel to otherwise!