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Katie Barnes

5 ways to boost your nail business during lockdown 2.0

By Katie Barnes | 06 November 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

Katie Barnes Teaching Learning

As business owners and busy professionals, time is something we often have very little of and many tasks get put on the back burner. It can be hard to be motivated in times like this but it is important to remember that just as there are real challenges, there are also fantastic opportunities.  

1.Plan ahead with your marketing

Plan and create marketing materials and schedule your social media posts for as far ahead as you can. By having the time to sit and plan the content, you will create more valuable material. It can also be a great time to update marketing materials and freshen up your brand.

Now is a great time to really examine the market and establish what your business can offer during this time. Businesses need to be adaptable in order to offer customers exactly what they need and keep earning income from alternative avenues.

2.Prepare for busy periods

Preparing for busy periods such as Christmas takes time. Lockdown in November allows the opportunity to get ahead of schedule. However, it is important to plan your contingency in the event that lockdown is extended. You need to consider what can you organise as an alternative to make money for your business including gift vouchers, press ons etc. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

3.Improve your technical and business skills

Use this time wisely, learn and brush up on your skills with online classes and seminars. Sam Biddle, myself and four other educators have created a unique concept – 30 nails in 30 days where we have created 30 nail lessons sharing a variety of techniques with one released each day.

I have also created new business webinars on topics such as ‘How To Become An Educator’ and ‘Social Media For Nail Businesses’.

You don’t have to spend money to learn. Many educators and brands including myself and Scratch have created free live broadcasts, workshops, seminars and YouTube tutorials. There are some excellent free workshops from brands like Barbicide, who have created a free online Barbicide certification and Domestic Violence workshops.

You now have the time to focus and hone your skills without the rush of trying to squeeze this in-between customers or late at night.

4.Work towards your aspirations

We all have ambitions, some that may seem far off. Now is the perfect time to put the steps in to start working towards these goals or your career aspirations. This may be entering a competition, teacher training, writing your own courses or opening your own business.

5.Tick off the big jobs

Now is the ideal time to carry out some work on the interior and exterior of the business – add a lick of paint, do some upcycling, or declutter. This will add to the value of the business, give staff enthusiasm when they return and make your business far more inviting for your customers.

You know those substantial, tedious tasks that we put off due to time such as accounts, writing material, website redesign? Check these off your list this month and feel so much better once they have been completed.

Stay positive and make the most of your available time.

Love Katie B x