Chloe Randall

5 ways to incentivise clients to return to the nail salon

By Chloe Randall | 06 May 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Scratch explores five ways to entice clients into the nail space & reward their loyalty…

1. Find your USP 

“As a nail tech or business owner, consider what you have to offer the client,” advises Claire Howard, Lecenté educator. “What is your unique selling point?”

For example:

  • Do you work from a cosy home
    salon that serves fresh coffee and free parking?
  • Do you create fabulous nail art and carry lots of colours?
  • Are you mobile and convenient for clients that feel more comfortable in their own environment?
  • Are you a busy city centre salon that is open for long hours with Instagrammable interiors?

“Your USP is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Use it in your social media marketing to attract clients that are looking
for what you have to offer. One salon doesn’t fit all, and different people seek different things, so make sure you clearly advertise your USP and incentivise your ideal clients to book with you.

“Once you have secured a client, ensure you deliver what you have promised, to show that they were right to book with you. Give them a great service and an excellent result. Ensure they are confident with their aftercare to get the best from their treatment.”

2. Special offers

The cost of living crisis is impacting those at both sides of the nail desk, so instead of devaluing your services with discounts that could affect your bottom line, consider ways to get something in return. For example, offer your regular nail clients money
off another treatment you offer, such as a facial or lash service, when they book it for the first time. If they enjoy it, it could lead to potential regular bookings in addition to their nail treatments.

You could consider a special offer on combined services, such as a bridal package or 10% off if clients book a combined mani and pedi treatment. This fills your appointment slots with ease. To make clients feel extra special, you could offer a birthday discount or a free gift, such as a hand cream or cuticle oil, when they book within a month of their special day.

Word of mouth is a valuable tool, and that spreads to social media and the web. Consider offering a free cuticle oil if a client leaves a review for your business or posts a picture of their nails on social media with your business tagged. That way, their followers can see your handiwork – which could lead to new bookings.

3. Loyalty schemes

Give your client a loyalty card at their first appointment, and stamp it every time they return for a treatment. Offer a discount or free gift once the card has been filled, incentivising the client to return. You could also offer a points system on spend, which can be redeemed for goods.

4. Refer a friend

Encourage recommendations with a refer a friend scheme, where the existing client benefits if they have a friend who books an appointment and mentions their name upon booking.

“A refer a friend incentive could be a 15-minute free nail art add-on for your client, if their friend mentions them by name when booking,” advises Claire Howard. “The word ‘free’ in an offer tends to attract more attention than a percentage discount.”

5. Social media

Your social media platforms are the equivalent of a shop window for potential clients, so ensure you use them effectively. They offer opportunity to showcase your work and USPs. “Most of my clientele have found me via social media platforms or recommendations from existing clients,” says Jennie Padbury, Glitterbels education ambassador.

“A strong presence on social media with clear, striking images has been my greatest advertising tool. Clients have often told me they have chosen me because they love the style of nails I create. I regularly post images of my workspace and snippets of everyday life, so that clients get to know me and understand what to expect when they visit.”