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5 ways to increase your success as a nail pro in 2024

By Scratch Staff | 24 December 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Stepping into 2024 provides a chance to evaluate your business to support your career growth. From goals to finances, marketing and competition hopes, Scratch explores how nail technicians can plan and prepare for the year ahead…

1. Reflect on your business & set new goals

Before getting caught up in the excitement of a new year, look back on your business decisions in 2023 and establish what worked and what didn’t. Use this review to plan achievable action points and targets, and set yourself deadlines where appropriate.

“Check that you are progressing in line with your business plan, and see if any adjustments need to be made,” shares Sarah Hartley, founder of marketing training platform, Blossom Tree Social. “It’s good to remember your end goal, but you also need to focus on your smaller targets so you can efficiently make your way towards it.”

2. Focus on finances

Ensuring you are charging your worth and evaluating your finances so that you can afford to take time off is imperative to a comfortable work-life balance. Review your price list and outgoings to determine if any alterations need to be made.

“Create a maintainable working schedule, which includes a set number of paid holidays throughout the year,” advises Ruth Munro, Magpie Beauty educator.

Ruth Munro

“Base your price list on this schedule and what you would like to earn. This is a great way to prevent burnout and help you achieve the salary you would like. Self-employed nail techs and salon owners will also need to focus on their tax return and financial plan for the following year.”

The Boss Your Profits Pricing Calculator Course, by Maddi Cook, helps hair and beauty pros work out how much money they need to make and how to word a price increase announcement.

3. Make the most of marketing

Promoting what you offer, and doing it well, will help attract and retain clients. Review your marketing methods and evaluate which worked well, and explore any changes in messaging or marketing type that can strengthen your results.

“Learn as much as you can about marketing to stand out from the crowd,” recommends Joanna Tompkins, Scratch Stars Nail Business Mentor of the Year 2023 & owner of Nail Tech Tribe. “The market has never been so saturated, so if you want success, you need to make sure potential clients know you exist and that you’re the business they choose.

Joanna Tompkins

“Focus on these three main marketing areas:

  • Google: Are you showing up at the top of Google search results? This will increase your bookings.
  • Social media: Focus on the number of enquiries and bookings, not likes and followers. You can have 200 followers and be earning £2,000 per month, or have 2,000 followers but only earn £200 per month.
  • Community-based marketing: It’s who you know, not what you know! Consider collaborations, recommendations, networking and flyers. Build relationships within your local community and get your name out there.”

4. Consider competitions

Seize opportunities to develop your skills and receive recognition for your success by entering nail competitions. It may be a step outside of your comfort zone, but is key to gaining objective views of your work and building your profile.

The Scratch Stars Awards for nail pros in the UK&I opens for entry 1 February.

Interested in an international competition? Visit

5. Top up your training

Continued professional development (CPD) is essential for keeping up with new techniques, enhancing product knowledge and preventing bad habits. Evaluate your quiet spells and book training courses for these periods.

Dave Horton

“Education is more than just learning a new skill: it’s about keeping the skills you already have up to scratch to ensure your clients get the very best treatment from you,” comments Dave Horton, director at insurance & accreditation provider, ABT Insurance. “It’s so easy to get complacent if the same clients return to you every month, but if you’ve performed a luxury manicure the same way for the last 10 years without undertaking further training, the time to take action is long overdue.

“Product formulations change and techniques evolve, and with this, client expectations have grown. You should aspire to be the best you can be, and the prospect of keeping your skills on top form should be exciting.”