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5 ways to style up your nail salon with interior designer, Haz Dean for a modern & chic beauty space

By Alex Fox | 08 June 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

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Hershesons, Harvey Nichols, London

Today, this blog will focus on furnishing the nails arena. Whether it’s a small nail bar, or a luxurious spa, if nail services are part of your business offerings then you definitely understand the effort needed to make sure the space is practical and safe.


Any piece of furniture you’re planning to buy, should be tested by you and members of your team to make sure it’s comfortable and practical. Don’t buy items online just because they looks nice, or because another salon is buying them.


Urban Retreat, London

The services your salon is offering, and the market needs, define what type of furniture you should buy. Are you going to offer quick services? SPA services? Gel and acrylic treatments? Does the market require having private rooms for VIP clients? All of these valid questions should be answered before you decide on what brand and design to buy.

I know the look of most readymade salon furniture is not very aesthetically appealing, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. To make it easier, pick pieces that go with any style. For a manicure station, I recommend having a table that includes shelves and drawers with simple design, unless funky is your brand style. For example, the Infiniti Nail Table from REM is a very elegant piece that would go with any salon style; the table has 2 shelves, 2 drawers, USB ports and cable management ports to ease the use of any electrical device such a table lamp if needed. Additional valuable option that REM provides is a custom finish, which can be checked online on its website (

Infiniti Nail Table by REM

Infiniti Nail table – Levante Marble & Dakar Grey finish

If your offerings rely mainly on UV gel and acrylic nail treatments, then it would be better to pick a manicure table that has an embedded dust collector. The Polish brand Manicure Systems offers a manicure table that has a built-in dust collector and fumes filters called Monica. This table can be customised to have different finishes and number of drawers depending on your needs. These configurations and other valuable info can be found on Manicure Systems’ website (


Professional manicure table desk with innovative dust & fumes collector. High power and
quiet running to be cutting edge in this market. Recommended for those who spend many hours at work. Spacious drawers assure work comfort and efficiency.

I have been to many nail salons where nail techs sit on stools instead of proper chairs. How is that even sensible? Posture and your employees’ health form an essential part of designing your nail arena. Ebuynails from Hollywood offers a wide range of elegant and comfortable chairs at affordable prices. My selection from the brand would be the Bar Chair B002 to be used by the nail tech as it is padded on its back and seat, it’s stylish and its height can be adjusted according to the need – comfortable, practical, stylish, and affordable, right? Also, you can choose the Customer Chair C004, which is an armchair of the same collection. These items can be upholstered in different colours to match your salon theme.  (


Bar Chair B002 – by Ebuynails



Customer Chair C004 – by Ebuynails

The same applies to when you choose the right spa pedicure chair, as different brands offer different designs with various features. According to my experience, I personally don’t enjoy a SPA chair that performs a mechanical massage; most of the time is simply annoying. Instead, I recommend you offer a 10-minute head and neck massage done by a professional therapist. Check the Podo Spa Saint Barth pedicure chair by the Italian brand VISMARA and other fascinating spa furniture, which the brand offers on Otherwise, you can choose a chair that has a built-in massage mechanism like the Foot Dream Luxury pedicure chair by NILO Spa Design (


Podo Spa Saint Barth chair by VISMARA Beauty & Spa Design



Foot Dream Luxury Spa Pedicure Chair by NILO Spa Design

Besides being practical, functional and safe, furniture should also be appealing. Colours and materials are key elements  to consider. As I mentioned before, if you’re buying readymade pieces, it’s better to choose brands that offer customisation, so that you can adjust the colour to complement or contrast with your salon style. It should not always be simply black or white. Be bold! Be you!

Always remember, the core of your business continuity is providing an holistic experience that is unforgettable. Part of that comes with choosing the right furniture for your clients and technicians alike.

If you’re willing to invest a bit more in your business, you can always hire an expert designer or a professional design studio to design and execute practical tables and chairs that would go perfectly with your salon needs and desires. This way, you can define the character of your salon and its brand identity.


Tokyo Nails & Spa, Toronto, Canada


If you have any questions or are seeking advice related to the interior of your salon or spa, feel free to contact me, Haz Dean,  at as I’m offering FREE design consultations to Scratch magazine readers.