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6 hand poses for picture-perfect nail photos

By Guest Writer | 31 December 2022 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Scratch Stars Gel Polish Stylist of the Year 2022, Jiak Hing, explains how to master her six go-to hand poses for nail photos…

1. Relaxed claw

Place the back of one hand against a flat surface and position the camera facing the nails, 45 degrees above and about 10cm away.

2. Classic overlap

With the left hand on a flat surface, palm facing down, put the right hand on top, without covering the left ring finger. Take the photo at hand level.

3. Side hip

Place the hands above and below each other on the side of the hip, below the waist. Face the camera slightly upwards to show complementary nails and trousers.

4. Spider on the wall

Rest the palm of one hand against a wall, with the fingers angled upwards. Keep fingers relaxed and fingertips slightly away from the wall, then take the photo from above.

5. Hand cuddling

Put the left hand over the right in a cupping position, taking the photo from above. This is great for showcasing all 10 nails of a bespoke set.

6. Handbag pinching

Position the hands holding a bag from its top and side. This lifestyle pose is suited to clients with a bag that matches their nails.

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