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6 top tips for creating great nail content – from The World’s Star Nail Artist

By Guest Writer | 12 October 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature

Katy Pottle Wsna Training

Being a nail technician is more than just creating nail art, with many techs learning to create content for self-promotion.

Katy Pottle, winner of the first World’s Star Nail Artist (WSNA) competition, shares her six top tips for creating great nail content…

Katy Pottle

1. Banish the blur

Before taking photos and recording video, ensure your camera lens is clean.

2. Equipment

You don’t need expensive camera equipment to create good videos. Your phone is sufficient; just learn its functions, such as AF lock and exposure for photos. For videos, film in 4k 60fps or HD 60.

3. Perfect lighting

Natural light is better, or lamps with daylight bulbs. If you are filming your own nails, a ring light
is handy, or consider the KB Glow unit from Katie Barnes Tool Range, which helps you to film well-lit videos.

KB Glow unit from Katie Barnes Tool Range

4. Angles

Experiment with different angles when filming to find your own style, but ensure the background is clean and sharp.

5. Macro focus

A macro lens is great for capturing tiny details. Make sure your picture/video is in focus and crop later if you need to.

6. Thoughtful editing

Enhance the exposure if you need to, but keep it natural.


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