Chloe Randall

6 top tips for creating the perfect nail service treatment menu

By Chloe Randall | 10 January 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Creating a treatment menu for nail services is not an easy task for a nail pro these days. With so much to offer, nail appointments have become more bespoke and personal than ever, making it hard to put all your services on one treatment menu.

However, making your booking process as easy as possible for clients is the first step to making an impression on them, so your treatment menu is key to drawing in and retaining clients.

From the client’s perspective, they want to know exactly what they are booking and have no surprises when arriving at the appointment. If booking a nail service is not as easy as it can be, they may look elsewhere.

Scratch explores the secret to success with creating your treatment menus and why clarity is key…

  1. Avoid using nail jargon

When it comes to your client booking an appointment, more than likely, they won’t understand nail industry jargon and therefore won’t understand what they are booking or what it includes.

“Ensure that whilst you wish to use certain terms, possibly offer in brackets what this means,” explains Elissa Newton, Lecenté educator.

“For example:

  • Enhancements (Do you require added nail length?)
  • Rebalance/ infill (Maintence of enhancements)”


“Language should be easy to understand, and terminology should be kept straightforward. Everything that is included should be mentioned below the treatment, with add-ons explicitly stated,” adds Jaz Moger, Salon System nail expert.



 2. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Overwhelming your client with many different nail services with various nail systems can cause confusion when they book their appointment. They may book the wrong service and this can cause disappointment for the client when you can’t complete what they are expecting you to due to lack of time.

“I would say try and keep it as simple as possible,” comments Bryony Howell, brand ambassador at The GelBottle Inc.

“I like to break mine down into three categories for nail art, Classic Gel Manicure, Gel Manicure with Medium Art and a Gel Manicure with Full Art. I have a description and examples beneath each category on my online booking system.”


3. Additional services

By making it clear what is included in treatments, this speaks for itself in terms of what is not part of the service. Have an add-ons section on the treatment menu where you can clearly state your removal prices and the various nail art costs with image examples so there is no confusion.

4. Pricing

To ensure there is no discrepancy on how much the client will pay, use a booking system where it will tell them how much their appointment will cost based on the services they have booked, including any add-ons like nail art. Clients like to know exactly how much they will be paying so clearly stating prices makes this easier for them.

5. Timings

With people’s lives becoming increasingly busier, knowing how much time your client will spend in the salon is often the difference between them booking an appointment and not. This is also a good way to manage your time as the nail pro too.

6. Font

Making your treatment menu readable is imperative so choose a font that is clear and easy to read. It is also a good idea to not reduce the font size to squeeze more information in and instead, reword or even remove some unpopular items from the menu to make more room.