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6 ways to manage dry & brittle nails affected by menopause

By Scratch Staff | 29 October 2021 | Feature, Health & wellbeing

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The menopause can be a challenging time for women, with many lacking confidence and feeling undervalued. Looking good on the outside can give the confidence boost needed to feel good on the inside, and having strong and healthy nails is a great place to start.

Menopause is so much more than hot flushes and night sweats. There are more than 40 symptoms that signal declining oestrogen levels: many affecting nails and causing them to become dry and brittle, according to experts at the Harley Street Emporium. Among its many functions, oestrogen helps regulate the body’s water composition. When oestrogen levels fall, this can result in dehydration, affecting the condition of nails. Nails with a lower water content are less flexible, so may experience splitting and breaking.

What can you do to strengthen nails?

  1. Eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, plus omega 3 and 6, is great for overall health as well as nails, according to a spokesperson from the Harley Street Emporium. Foods rich in vitamin C, protein, folic acid and calcium help nourish the body and nails, as does fish consumption, because it contains omega 3 fatty acids and calcium.
  2. Drinking plenty of fluids can help the body to retain moisture that is lost through reduced oestrogen.
  3. Stress can be reduced with exercise, yoga and meditation, or natural remedies to replace lost hormones. However, medical advice must be taken first, advises the team at Everyday Health.
  4. Pamper nails! Nail polish adds a layer of protection that can help prevent nails from breaking so easily. Use an emery board to file nails instead of a metal file, recommends Menopause Now.
  5. Protect hands and nails with rubber globes when cleaning, to protect them from harsh chemicals.
  6. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Hand creams and oils are always a good option for dry and brittle nails. These should be applied often throughout each day, and a rich hand cream or overnight hand mask can nourish in the evening.