7 questions for Kayleigh Billington

By Kat Hill | 21 March 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Kayleigh Billington
1. Tell us about your training…
I initially trained at The Northern College of Beauty back in 2012. I enjoyed it so much I wanted more, so went on to do the NVQ Level 3 in Nail Technology at The City of Liverpool College in 2015. Since then, I have trained with multiple industry experts to improve my techniques and to learn new skills. Now, I’m an educator  brand ambassador for Pure Nails.
2. What is your all-time favourite nail product?
My all time favourite nail product has to be Halo Gel Polish. It is so versatile in that you can use it on the natural nail, over enhancements, for nail art and even encapsulated inside acrylic or builder gel designs.
3. What designs do you love to create? 
I love creating all types of nail art, but animal print and abstract designs are my favourite. Doing abstract designs reminds me of looking at a painting in a gallery, and you can just get lost in it figuring out all the ways the shapes and colours collide together. Animal print has been rather popular recently with my clients.
4. If you had to pick one, what nail colour would characterise your personality?
Pink – always pink! In particular, Dusky Pink from the Halo Gel Polish range. It’s a very relaxing and calming colour for me, and makes me feel feminine. Dusky Pink teamed with a rose gold sparkle are a match made in heaven.
5. What treatment or nail technique are you planning to add to your services?
I’m due to complete training in extreme shapes soon, so I’m hoping to be able to offer this as a service to my clients soon.
6. Tell us about an average day in your nail life…
I will get into work about 30 minutes early to prepare my desk. I also offer brow services so I will switch on the wax pot and prep the area, then make a cup of coffee. When my clients arrive I always make them a hot drink and let them look at colours and designs while the kettle boils.
Once we have decided on what they are having, I get to work and we have a good chat and catch up as I go! Depending if it’s a really busy day or not, I book out 30-60 minutes for a lunch break, before getting back to it. It can be really busy somedays and in the past I have worked right through lunch, which isn’t good, so now I always make sure that I block out time to take a break, even if it’s only 15 minutes. It’s important to look after yourself.
If the day is quiet, I busy myself with either creating new designs, advertising and catching up with messages, or even having a good sort out of my area.
7. What is the most exciting thing about the UK nail industry?
Definitely the talent! I love seeing how skilled some techs are and what they can do, and how much they grow and push themselves. As a close-knit community, you get to recognise a lot of people and you follow them on their journeys. It’s also heart warming to see how many techs are willing to help out and guide others who may just be starting in the industry.