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7 ways to stay healthy at home

By Scratch Staff | 25 March 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature


Dr Kuldeep Minocha, GP & cosmetic doctor at London-based Tempus Clinic, reveals 7 ways to stay healthy at home during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


1. Keep hydrated

You and your family must all keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of clear fluids, warm or cold, it doesn’t matter. If you become unwell with flu- like symptoms it’s best to drink warm liquids so as to help soothe the chest and soften the mucus.

2. Get plenty of fresh air

Open the windows in the house at regular intervals to help air circulate. Air quality is very important and if you’re living with someone unwell, be sure to allow fresh air through the house regularly.

3. Clean up

Not only do objects carry germs but a tidy space is great for your mental health as well. Put things away when you’re not using them.

Cleaning regularly will also help remove any lurking germs in the house and it can be done as a family to pass the time.

4. Use the TV as a last resort

Prolonged tv watching means you and your family are inactive for larger periods of time which long-term may mean you’ll put on weight from not burning the right number of calories for your body, and also muscle wastage in extreme cases, especially the young and the elderly. Also watching and using screens excessive can really put a strain on the eye muscles. Now is a great time to practice online yoga – watch some of the various home exercise offerings online if you do want to watch something.

5. Eat a varied diet

The more colours you can eat, the better. A varied selection of foods if you can get your hands-on sullies, will give you good and varied vitamin and mineral content.

Keep meals small and regular rather than eating large portions a couple of times a day.

This aids digestion and elimination (bowl movements) when you’re less active. Overeating is ill advised at this time when physical activity is lessened.

6. Talk to people

Friends and family are only a phone call or video call away and having a chat and seeing those that you love can really help break up the day and lower your anxiety and boredom levels. Your kids will love a video call with friends while they’re unable to play together at this time. Making work calls is also positive, and increases your productivity and feeling of connection if you are working from home.

7. Sleep well

For us all but sleeping a minimum of 7 hours a day can really help boost the immune system and help keep anxiety levels down. If you are having trouble sleeping, try having a warm bath before bed, listening to some mediation guides or practicing deep breathing for 10 minutes before bed can do wonders for a restful sleep.