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8 glitter mixes take Senter stage as they launch onto UK nail scene

By Alex Fox | 30 June 2021 | Brands, Feature

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Award-winning nail stylist from Kings Lynn, East Anglia, Scarlett Senter has launched the Scarlett Senter Glitter range to complement  her other recent nail art products; crystals and brushes. “A close friend of mine, Sophie Girton, help me mix the Princess glitter pot as she is literally my Princess client and let’s face it we all have at least one of them,” enthuses Scarlett.

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The Royalty Collection, which consists of eight mixes, presents King, Queen, Princess, Prince, Jester, Knights Armour, Kingdom and Starry Night. Scarlett notes, “They are very statement mixes and I personally think they can be used in any season and all complement each other perfectly.
“Our cosmetic-grade glitters can be used with all nail systems. The glitter range is so special because we make all our own mixes here at the salon/academy and we are inviting friends, clients, family members and nail techs the opportunity to help create a mix for future collections.
“Recently, I brought out a brush range and Crystal pro, both of which have been a massive dream of mine,” smiles Scarlett.  “Now I’ve decided to launch my own glitter range. I’m a huge fan of all things bling and so a few people have nicknamed me the ‘Crystal queen’ or ‘bling queen’ after seeing my work. My crystal placement courses have also been quite popular.”
IG: @scarlett_senternailartist
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