8 questions for Abigail Garvey

By Kat Hill | 27 March 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Abigail Garvey Lead

1.Tell us about your training…

I started my nail training in 2008 after I had completed my beauty therapy training. I enrolled on a NVQ Level 3 in artificial nail structures, which covered acrylic, hard gel and silk. The course was for a year and then I have done various in house and short courses alongside fellow nail techs to improve my skills and techniques.


2.What is your all-time favourite nail product?

My nail game changed when I started using Pure Nails. The gel polish range was a game changer for me. Just don’t ask me to pick a favourite colour!


3.Who do you admire in the industry? 

The nail techs that are pushing themselves to be where they want to be and achieving great things.


4.What treatment or nail technique are you planning to add to your services?

I have just complete an eFiling course, so hopefully in the next few months I can start to cut down on my timings for soak offs and infills. Being mobile I need to claim back every minute I can!


5.What are your next career steps?

One day I hope to find the ideal work/life balance. I’m looking into renting a table in salon one day a week to hopefully build up more clients alongside my mobile work. I’d also like to enter more competitions for the first time.


6.Tell us about an average day in your nail life…

Being mobile, my days can vary depending on how far I’m travelling to my clients. Some are only 10 minutes down the road while others are a 45 minute drive away. I always pack my kit the night before so that once I have done the school run, everything can go straight into the car and I’m off. Once I get to my client’s house, I unpack everything I need and make sure my setup is professional, just because I’m not in salon doesn’t mean my work area has to look untidy or I don’t deliver a professional service. I normally do a set of nails over a brew and a chat, also if I know that my clients have young children with them I tend to book out extra time just in case. I finish in time for the school run and then I have evening clients twice a week.


7.What is the most exciting thing about the UK nail industry?

Seeing how much it has changed and grown since I first trained in 2008. I also love how many UK brands that have come onto the market and made a massive impact. I also think the talent of UK nail techs is unrivalled.


8.If you weren’t doing nails, what would you be doing?

I knew that I wanted to work in the beauty industry, so completed all the required qualifications and more. My second love after nails is special effects makeup. I did a course in theatrical and special effects makeup and would definitely have gone down that route if I didn’t have a passion for nails.