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8 ways nail techs can keep motivated during lockdown 2.0

By Guest Writer | 11 November 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature, Health & wellbeing, Tech Talk

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Tina Bell, head of education at Pure Nails, serves up key ways to keep your creativity flowing and spirits high during lockdown 2.0…

Here we are, back in lockdown. Once again, I have packed up my salon, moved my nail desk onto my dining room table and taken over whole room – there are gel polishes everywhere! I mean you can’t just take a couple…can you? What would happen if you need one you didn’t decide to pack? And I can’t favour a few as I love them all equally.

So what can we do to keep us motivated over this trying time? I have promised myself I will fill it with nothing but productivity and here are some ideas:


1.As I have all my equipment at home I will be using the time to try new styles and techniques I have wanted to perfect but haven’t had the time to previously. Consider spending this time trying out nail art designs you are keen to offer clients, such as sugaring (perhaps with the Halo Create Glitter), or smartening up French tips.

French shadow by Tina Bell

2. Another way to keep yourself busy is by taking an online course. To be a good nail tech, you have to continuously be learning and up-skill. There are some amazing online courses taking place during lockdown that can really push you to be the best nail tech you can be and expand and enhance your creativity.

3. Why not try and perfect the basics? I am always trying to find the best ways to prep nails, apply gel polish and removal – constantly pushing myself until I get it perfect every time. Perfecting your skills will improve your everyday salon nails, and once you get the hang of doing something over and over it just becomes second nature. I will be hosting a FREE workshop every Wednesday at 7pm on the Pure Nails Instagram throughout lockdown, during these workshops, taking you back to basics and then slowing building you up to more advanced techniques.

4. Trying a new skill you normally wouldn’t have to time to learn is always a good way to use up time, as this normally takes a while to perfect. Think of how impressed your clients will be when we return to our salons & how many more new clients you will be able to get on board because of the new skill you learnt during lockdown. A new skill could be anything from Easibuild, to PoliBuild or even classic L&P acrylic nails.

5. Of course, it’s also the perfect time of year to practise Christmas nail art started. Take this time to plan what nail art options you want to offer when you can resume services. Create some designs and post them on your social media platforms so your clients can get excited about what their Christmas nails will look like this year.

6. Most importantly, make sure you keep in touch with your clients by posting nail pictures daily. You could also post  updates letting them all know what you’re doing to keep yourself busy (learning a new skill or perfecting your nail art) and how you are thinking of them. My clients love to hear about the things I get up to over lockdown and also love to see me posting pictures on social media, as it helps them to still feel involved and instils further confidence in my role.

7. A lot of clients will possibly request a soak off kit, which could be a good way to make a little money over the lockdown period. I let them know that I can provide a little this if they need it, I send them the link to the video I created so they can follow the essential steps and I leave a kit on my door-step for them to collect, allowing them to remove their nails should they wish. A lot of clients like to remove them prior to their next appointment so they can get a new set ready for the Christmas.

8. Take part in nail challenges which the likes of Pure Nails and Scratch post on their Facebook pages. Pure Nails also has a YouTube channel with loads of nail art ideas for inspiration and like always, if your struggling with anything at all you can email us on I will personally get back to you with a simple step-by-step email or video instructions.

Stay safe and don’t forget, make the most of this time off!