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8 ways to encourage clients to upgrade to nail art

By Katy Pottle | 07 May 2024 | Expert Advice, Feature

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One of the most common things I hear from other nail techs is, ‘I don’t get the chance to do nail art as my clients don’t want to have any.’  This is such a shame, because as artists we naturally want to challenge ourselves and our skills and show off our creativity.

Nail art is not just about pretty nails; it’s a world of self-expression, creativity and pure joy. So, let’s explore how we can get our clients hooked on nail art.

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1.Delve into display

First things first, transform your salon into a nail art wonderland! Create a themed display showcasing your latest nail art creations. Whether you show off a seasonal theme or a collection inspired by trends, your display will catch your clients’ eyes and spark their curiosity. Even if you haven’t had time to create a nail tip display, try to change up your colour, glitter, foil and sticker displays and position them where clients can see them. Change them up regularly to keep them interesting.

2.Be transparent

Clearly state the nail art options that you offer on your website, in the salon or on your social media platforms. Your clients might not know that nail art is available. A great system that I used to follow, and I know others do too, is a tiered system for nail art. For example; basic, intermediate and advanced. Show the prices and pictures alongside them to show what is offered in each tier. You could be creative and give each tier a name to reflect your personality and salon.

 3.Offer a personalised approach

The key to turning a client into a devoted fan lies in the art of consultation. Take the time to understand their preferences, lifestyle and style. Ask about their favourite colours, patterns, hobbies and even their favourite fashion trends. Use this information to suggest personalised nail art designs that resonate with their unique personality. A bespoke approach transforms the nail art experience from a service to a tailored journey, making clients feel seen, understood and excited about their one-of-a-kind nail art creations.

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4.Take them on mini adventures

Not everyone is ready to dive into intricate designs right away. Start off with subtle, elegant art that aligns with their style. Entice them with a glitter accent nail, a bit of chrome or a pigment ombré. You could offer a glitter accent nail free of charge as a seasonal promotion. Once they dive into some sparkle, they won’t look back.

5.Excite with a mystery manicure

Introduce the thrill of mystery with mystery manicures or nail cards. Offer clients the option to choose a mystery design during their appointment. It adds an element of surprise and curiosity, making the nail art experience even more exciting.

 6.Introduce an interactive element

Get your client involved in the experience by thinking of an exciting and different way for your client to pick and choose the goods. Give them a mini shopping basket and encourage them to choose glitters before their appointment starts or while you’re waiting for their gel to soak off.

7.Get creative with content

Regularly update your social media profiles with images and engaging content. Create short, snappy videos to give your audience a glimpse of the artistry behind the scenes, and a sneak peek into your creative process. Engage with your followers by asking questions on stories of their favourite nail art designs or hosting polls to decide on the next theme. And don’t forget to share your clients’ reviews. Nothing is more convincing to a client than a real story.

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8.Spark FOMO

Ask your clients if they want to be a model and offer a limited number of slots. You could also offer a discount to lure them, and in return you are allowed to plan and create whatever your heart desires. Ask them to write a review; specifically about the art, and don’t forget to take pictures. This is a great way for you to work on your creativity and create more content to use in your salon and on social media.

Once you discover your unique style and broadcast it to the world, you’ll naturally draw in the right crowd for you. The enchantment of nail art extends beyond intricate designs; it resides in the connections we forge with our clients. Be it through shared success stories, adept social media navigation, or tailored consultations, each element plays a vital role in crafting a memorable and extraordinary nail art experience.

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