Here’s what I saw at the Nails By Annabel salon

By Sophie Nutt | 30 July 2019 | Feature, Salon & Spas


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting the new Nails by Annabel salon in Newcastle Under Lyme. Opened at the end of May this year, the salon is owned by talented tech, Annabel Maginnis, and her husband Elliott. With an utterly Instagram-able interior and huge social media following (with Annabel’s Instagram page seeing just short of 400,000 followers), it’s fair to say I was excited and intrigued to see the salon with my own eyes.

You don’t even have to step foot in the salon before getting a feel for the space – personality oozes out of the front doors and cascades the outside with walls with no stone left unturned. Passersby stop to take pictures in amazement, as huge windows scale the entire front of the salon that overlooks a busy main road in the city centre. Little did I know this was simply a taster for what was inside: stepping foot into the salon felt like stepping foot into a fantasy land.

Walk into the grand space – which was previously a car showroom, to give you a sense of the sheer size – and its as though you’re looking through baby pink-tinted lenses as you are immediately greeted with views of a nail wonderland. However, this pink palette is perfectly contrasted by the presence of custom spray painted walls in the individually designed bathrooms, cloudy sky ceiling and graffiti-style portrait covering the entire left wall of the entrance. There is a flawless balance of ‘girly’ and ‘edgy’ throughout the whole salon; reflecting Annabel’s personality.

Every tiny detail in the salon has been analysed and thought out by Annabel and Elliott, from the handcrafted flowers to the birdcage-inspired structures. Marble lines the floors of the main salon space, as well as making an appearance on coffee tables and the salon’s central feature – the nail bar. Plush baby pink buttoned material cascades down the sides of the nail bar and lines the sofas that offer a soft, welcoming place to relax pre and post treatment. Nods to nature can be found in every corner of the salon, as blossom trees and flowers flow overhead and spray painted roses line the walls, while Annabel’s love of animals is also prominent in the form of a fish tank, a peacock sculpture and life size unicorn – of course, complete with a pink mane and crystal-encrusted horn, hand placed by Annabel. A golden bird cage-inspired structure separates the nail area and the Nails by Annabel product shop, where techs can come in and purchase their favourite Glitterbels products.

Head to the training room and it is easy to see Annabel’s passion for education, as techs taking classes can see the educator’s tutorial via a livestream from the camera at the front of the classroom to each delegates’ individual tablet on the manicure desks for a better, more detailed view. What’s more, these technique tutorials are recorded as they happen, so techs can rewind or pause the videos if a recap is needed in their own practice time.

The salon is much more than its appearance, however. Even though this was my first time in the salon, I was immediately felt welcome and at home by Annabel, Elliott and their team of talented techs. Upbeat music was accompanied by the sounds of chatting, laughter and general sense of community. Everyone present in the salon – both clients and techs alike – smile from ear to ear, creating a positive atmosphere that aims to ensure techs love their working environment and clients leave the space with a grin bigger than the one they entered with. Annabel and Elliott reiterate the importance of this positive, welcoming, non-judgemental atmosphere, and how crucial it was to the inception of the salon.

The Nails by Annabel salon provides a place for customers to escape the everyday norm and step foot in a magical, fairytale-inspired space where they can fully relax and enjoy a nail experience.

Keep an eye out in the September issue of Scratch for a closer look at the Nails by Annabel salon!