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By Alex Fox | 28 August 2020 | Feature, Training

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It’s no secret that Sam Biddle is a great nail art educator, with a wealth of online nail art courses on offer for all ages, skill sets and schedules.

Sam has spent the last 20 years teaching nail pros all over the world the art of nail art. However, mastering fine lines or obsessing over ombré fades is just not enough if you want to make a nail business grow. 

Over the last six months, Sam has been helping nailists get their social media marketing into shape. It’s fine to grab a brush when you’ve nothing to do during lockdown, however, Sam urges students to use this time to cultivate a relationship online with their clients. Rather than offering marketing and selling appointments, Sam believes in building relationships and a rapport with both new and existing customers.
Releasing a Free 7-part Marketing Secrets video series, Sam offers expert advice and the first step into understanding how to market a nail business. 
Sam has also been working on two brand new marketing courses; One short Instagram in a weekend course called Instagram Secrets and a longer larger one called the Seven Principles of Marketing & Building Your Business. This online course shows you what to action in order to grow a nail business; it covers everything from nails to the principles of creating cash flow with art.

Whether you’re brand new to nails or just haven’t reached the levels you know are possible. This course is everything you need to start, build and sustain a successful and profitable nail business.

But that’s not all, Sam realises that everyone learns in a different way, and with her third marketing course – to be released September 2020 – she focuses on the important issue almost all nail techs suffer from – confidence. She wants to give nail pros the solution to becoming a confident nail artist, to be able to charge their worth and promote without worry or fear. This is a fundamental course, which combines art with practical tasks and actionable steps, cementing the action with results. Coming soon – Nail it with Confidence.