Ace nail glitter application with Lecenté

By Kat Hill | 04 December 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

Nails By Jenny Nagorski

Are you ready to glitz clients this party season? Katrina Ross, head of marketing and communications for Lecenté, reveals some top tips for flawless glitter application, pricing and beating the appointment rush…

“When using glitter remember a little goes a long way; try not to waste excess glitter, just use what you need. I recommend apply your glitters with a special application brush – such as the  Lecenté G1. These brushes help to minimise waste.

“Be sure pat down your glitter  to ensure its sits lovely and flat on the nail. Don’t forget to brush away excess glitter gently to avoid it getting on your top coat brush.

“Always ensure you book a customer in taking into account extra time they need for nail art and remember to charge for it! Glitter is a great quick way to add nail art to your menu, especially at Christmas. You can upsell glittering looks on top of the customer’s nail treatment for 50p per nail. For complicated nail art, I would recommend charging up to £2 a nail, or set a base amount for every 15 minutes of nail art, for example.

“Nail art can be time consuming and the last thing you want to do is to be rushing a freehand design. If a customer has not booked in for nail art but turns up wanting nail art don’t be tempted to squeeze it in. You can always offer them a quick nail art solution this time – like glitter or foils – which can be applied quickly and book them in for a longer appointment next time.”

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