Agnes Dullo on her career in nails, being an educator and scooping prizes at Nailympia London

By Kat Hill | 10 November 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Why nails?

I loved my role as a biology teacher, but in the end nails won. I find it more rewarding, less stressful and very therapeutic. My nail career offers more freedom and less paperwork, but I do miss the school’s teacher community and all of the fun activities we did together, not to mention the holidays.

With nails, I love that it doesn’t feel like work. I sit down, create something beautiful, chat to my client and get paid at the end. What more could I ask for? There are hard days, of course, but it is never boring.


How do you wear your own nails?

I tend to wear short INK London ADS Dipping System overlays painted with iLac, usually in green or purple. I love it because it is easy to soak off and re-do and gives my nails some much needed strength.


What are your career highlights to date?

I was delighted to become an educator for INK London. It’s incredible to know that I am good enough to hold this title! I also took hope the Top UK Tech title for Division 2 at Nailympia London 2018, which was a great achievement.


What advice would you give to a tech just starting out in the industry?

Do your research. Make sure that the products you are using are safe and are of the highest quality. Invest in good equipment from the start and never stop learning and progressing.


Which nail colour would characterise your personality?

If I could only wear one nail colour my whole life it would be green. It’s my favourite colour. It reminds me of the beauty of life and nature.


What principles do you live by?
Finding happiness in the smallest things: a good song, the smell of fresh air, a good story, or moments shared with the people you love.


How do you typically spend a day?

Most of my day is spent with clients. I try to spend some quality time with my friends and partner in the evenings, but sometimes I just like to be alone to recharge my batteries.