An inside look: How Academy2 can change up your nail education journey

By Helena Biggs | 06 December 2021 | Feature, Training


It’s been dubbed an ‘education epicentre’, combining online learning with in-classroom hours and masterclasses so you can learn nail skills – and more – at your own pace.

Academy2 from award-winning nail & beauty training provider, Sweet Squared, is Habia accredited, and means that the company’s education programme is now accessible to every professional at every level. Courses, which include CND L&P, Shellac & PlexiGel, as well as Light Elegance P+ and JimmyGel, are available in three formats:

  • NEW.2 – for those new to a service
  • SWITCHING.2 – for nail techs switching brand
  • MASTERING – techs getting to grips with an advanced technique

samuel & samantha

Samuel & Samantha Sweet, co-founders of Sweet Squared, comment: “We started developing the platform in 2017, but the pandemic demonstrated a need for the industry to deliver tools for clear video and bi-directional streaming.

“It was only then that we felt the technology had matured to a point that there was a clear direction for us to evolve our education. Once we had that ‘ah-ha’ moment, the team developed the content and platform to deliver it to the industry and our customers.”

Each course fuses online learning with in-classroom mentoring, arming pros with everything needed to succeed. What’s more, those that register will also receive access to free content, webinars and masterclasses.

“Academy2 is a fusion of technology, inspiration & skill mentorship for today’s modern beauty industry professional.”

victoria trafford

Sweet Squared educator, Victoria Trafford, has been instrumental in the development of Academy2. “Virtual education certainly plays its part in theory-based learning, but for me, it can’t full replace the learning journey and the classroom still has a huge part to play.

“As nail professionals, most of us are kinesthetic learners, meaning we benefit from hands-on education. Academy2 has brilliantly balanced online learning with hands-on classroom mentorship, and that’s really exciting.”

So how does Academy2 work?

academy 2 step 1

  1. Visit and register for access.
  2. Click ‘View courses’ to view the Habia-accredited courses available.
  3. Find out more about a course by clicking its icon. Each course page details an overview, what’s included in the kit, what you will learn and entry requirements. Additional support is also detailed, alongside learning time, earning potential and dates and locations for in-classroom development. Purchase the desired course by adding to bag.

What happens next?

woman at computer academy2

Registered users can start their theory training instantly once the course has been purchased. When comfortable with the theory, users simply log back into the Academy2 platform to book any required in-person skill-building and mentoring sessions.

Once the course has been completed, Academy2 will reveal additional products available to purchase post-training, as well as advanced courses to help each pro further develop their career.

Regular masterclasses are held for registered members to aid development.

“Stop being taught & start being inspired.”