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Seeking smooth skin this summer? Check out waxing specialist Andy Rouillard’s top tips

By Guest Writer | 23 June 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature, Products & Treatments

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Waxing specialist & Salon System expert, Andy Rouillard of Axiom Wax Academy, shares his top tips for achieving a perfect finish when performing professional wax treatments in the summer.

Andy Rouillard

1. Cleanse

“Hot, sweaty skin is a nightmare to wax, so don’t be stingy with the pre-wax cleanser,” Andy recommends. “Just Wax Expert Cleanse & Prime Serum goes from gel to liquid when it hits the body, allowing for super-speedy application on larger areas.

“It also contains menthol extract to rapidly cool and prep the skin, making light work of clammy bodies and industrial-strength antiperspirants.”

Just Wax Expert Cleanse & Prime Serum

2. Prep

“As temperatures soar and clients arrive perspiring more than normal, a light dusting of talc-free powder over a sweaty back, bikini or underarm makes life easier for everyone.

“At the other end of scale, customers who have overcooked their tan are likely to have much drier, dehydrated skin,” he notes. “This can cause your wax to stick and skin to lift, so work in smaller sections, and instead of powder, apply a little Just Wax Expert Protect & Smooth Oil to compensate.”

Just Wax Expert Protect & Smooth Oil

3. Wax

Just Wax Expert Advanced Watermelon Strip Wax is the perfect choice for summer skin, as its ultra-fluid texture and hydrating cucumber extract allows your spatula to glide like a dream over tanned bodies without dragging or leaving any sticky residue behind.

“As a side note, never wax over sunburnt skin, even at the peeling stage – it will lift,” Andy warns. “Wait for things to completely heal before getting happy with your spatula.”

Just Wax Expert Advanced Watermelon Strip Wax

“High temperatures and humid treatment rooms can play havoc with your products, too,” he says. “Just Wax Expert Advanced Watermelon Hot Wax has a fast-set formulation for speedy de-fuzzing, even in the height of summer.

“If you do find your peelable wax is taking longer to set on the skin, simply dampen a cotton pad with water and wipe over the top to rapidly cool and harden any gummy patches.”

Just Wax Expert Advanced Watermelon Hot Wax

4. Protect

“Finally, a good SPF is especially important after waxing any exposed area of the body at this time of year. Freshly waxed skin is more sun-sensitive, bringing with it an increased risk of sunburn and hyper-pigmentation.

“Remind clients to avoid tanning for at least a couple of days after their appointment and to slather on the sun cream whenever they do venture outside,” Andy comments. “It’s also a good idea for them to retail a bottle of Just Wax Expert Protect & Calm Lotion to keep their smooth bits moisturised and help prevent those pesky ingrown hairs.”

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